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Stretching for Speed

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I ran across this link to Bont's site the other day on a skate forum. I realize many of you may already be doing a lot of these stretches in your warm up routine, but many of the new people to skating and this site might find a stretch or two they could add to theirs.


I was doing a couple of them before I read the article, but when I go through the whole series, my body feels so much more relaxed and I find I can skate better. I hope some of you find these of benefit. The cold and hot water on the legs after skating is awesome. 


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Thanks for the Stretching Info

Thanks for the info, andrewinnc. I can't promise I'll do any of it, as I don't fold up well and don't seem to be inclined to improve it. But it is a great thing to do I am certain, and I encourage everyone to give it a go. One of the things I learn at each Eddy Matzger workshop (roadshow) is how inflexible and imbalanced I am! Then I make a new skate year's resolution that lasts, well, it doesn't last. How was that skate in Raleigh with Artem (feel free to start a new message for that one if you reply)? Wish we could've made it there.

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