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Sunday Morning Skate

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First off, i wasn't being unsociable,, it was just that I wasn't sure I was even going 'till I walked out the door, so I didn't post on the InlineNC subject line.

Anyway, had the MP3 loaded with some groove tunes and did two sets of 4 laps, then 1 set of 5. Stopping for a gulp of water in between as it was fairly warm by 10:30 am when I started. Anyways, felt really good. Sorry, missed you Blake, Monday pm, but am planning on Weds. fer shur.

If I can remember, I'm going to bring my scale. I'd like to compare the weight of our boot/frame/ wheel setups, particularly Tim's new rig.



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Re: Sunday Morning Skate

Hey Jack! We didn't tell everyone everything we did either. It's hard to know when to post and when not. We skated each day over the weekend, and I've skated (weakly) for nine days, at least for a half hour. We did a downtown skate that I'll write more about later.

But what I wanted to ask is what is your current setup, Jack? Still Millers? What about frames and wheel size? I'm on my mogema r1 i bought used and got good life out of, but maybe are not up to much more. I'm using a k2 3 x 100 mm + 84 mm with some rather worn wheels. After my injury I've had a hard time feeling comfortable on the taller wheels. I may go back to 80 mm or 84 mm for awhile, and I'm going to try the Verducci boots again too. If I still feel awkward I'll find some pair of my rec skates I can wear for awhile.

Glad you had a nice skate! Country Park is nice, even if not as big as Central Park! 24 miles of loops is pretty good, I'll say.

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Yep, still on my 2nd pair

Yep, still on my 2nd pair of Millers, 12.8 Miller Frames, 80 mm. Still have my original Millers w/the yellow trim, 13.0 Mogema Frames. I need to surgically remove one of the mounting bolts with a rounded out hex and start skating them again. I was telling Millie how there almost like putting on a pair of slippers, without the fuzzies inside, natch.

Plan is to get back home around noonish Sun. and skate later on Sun., no guarantees, but that's the plan. Have a skate safe weekend


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