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As you might know, our own Ashley Mann from Asheboro, NC has made the marathon squad in the US World Team and is competing in the 2006 FIRS Speed World Championships in Korea. Many of you may know Ashley from the Tour to Tanglewood 2005 where she demonstrated her true spirit by helping fellow skaters finishing the course and demonstrated her strong skating by sticking with the lead pack.

You might also know that USARS does not cover all of the world team skaters' expenses, expecting that team members raise the money or pay from their own pocket. For this reason, the Ultimate Speed Skating team has created a donation page that allows you to support Ashley in her quest for victory in the 2006 Champtionships. You can access the page here: http://www.ultimatespeedskating.com. Please know that any donation will make a huge difference!!!

Also, you can help Ashley by buying Ashley's trading cards and the 2007 Skating calendar here: http://www.sendthebest.org/tradingcards%202006%20World%20Team.html


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