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T2T Elon Bike Shop Training Ride

Jack's picture

Saturday was my first foray into over the road skating in a couple of years, and hey, it felt wonderful. I'm retraining my body to relax and go with the pack flow on the downhills, still some trepidation there. If I don't fill comfortable, I just backoff and go into solo aerobrake mode.

It was Blake, Elizabeth, Melinda, Andy, and me in the group. Although Blake was suffering boot/foot problems, which as we all know can be agony, a good time was had by all over the pleasant route. Thanks to Blake for the encouragement to get on the road again.


northinsouth's picture

Glad You're Back

I am so glad your back on the road Jack.  I wish I had some time to get out there with you some time.  Maybe if it would cool down some I could.



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