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Tag Clouds Floating Above, Working Properly

roadskater's picture

The tag clouds are working properly (no duplicates!) and floating above us as we move through the site. I'm testing this setup and will be changing the look of some things as well over the next couple of days. Please feel free to send feedback via CREATE/SITE FEEDBACK.

I'll be adding new article filters on the right. One I plan is a "Please Vote" section that shows content you've yet to vote on, for those who like to vote. If you're up to it, please do vote at least on great content, as I'll be creating filters using your votes and perhaps a combination of votes and skateyloveness for a skateylovepower ranking for articles.

We'll see how that all goes, but the main thing is if you find yourself really appreciating something, please vote 5 stars for excellent. Likewise, as the site becomes in use by more people, it will be important to use 1 star for inappropriate content, 2 for disagreeing mildly to moderately, 4 for good stuff just not exceptional, and 3 for OK.

I'll probably be moving Latest and Greatest to the left (since it's about the news articles...give a gold star to a news item you think is valuable), and working with a bit of color variation for meaning perhaps, and shifting some other things along.

PLEASE ADD YOURSELF OR YOUR PARK TO THE MAP by clicking the map graphic (at this writing on the right side) then choosing EDIT/LOCATIONMAP.


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