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Cirque du Cyclisme 2007 Photos

Thanks to Dale at Cycles de Oro's welcoming ways, I showed up on skates for a couple of the Cirque du Cyclisme rides and had the pleasure of seeing lots of classic bikes and the people who love them. Timv was there on his classic bikes, and eebee joined in on Saturday for the leisurely tour of Greensboro.

Please check out my 290 photos from the Cirque du Cyclisme 2007:

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Jennifer Rodriguez Switches from Speedskating to Track Pursuit Cycling

Here's a very interesting article by Sharon Robb on Olympic speedskater Jennifer Rodriguez and her switch to competitive cycling, her effort to reach the Olympic level in a the sport, and more. It mentions the Brian Piccolo velodrome where skaters and cyclists work out together on separate tracks. It is a great facility. For a brief movie of the place see my minimovie at:

Time Trial Series

The Triangle Skating community (and beyond) have been invited to participate in the OCS Bicycle Time Trial Series http://www.fsseries.com/time_trial_osc_bicycle.html The course will be at the Orange County Speedway (OCS) located in Rougemont, NC about 20 minutes north of Durham off 501. The course length will be 8 miles or 24 laps (but we have the option of doing a shorter distance). The track is .375 mile paved oval with 16 degree banking on the straight aways and 19 degree banking on the corners. The track is also 50 feet wide and with low banking will allow riders to ride anywhere on the track.
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Cycle NC: Share the Road North Carolina!

This is CycleNC.com, a place for anything related to Cycling in North Carolina, including favorite routes and events, efforts to share the road, create more greenways, and especially represent the sport through participating in charity efforts.

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