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Inline Skating Bavaria (Karlstein Bayern Deutschland) Pete Yorn Precious Stone Keith Richard Open G Guitar Tuning DADGAD Eagles

OK I found this on the Roadskater.net news sidebar. This is just a quick one that mentions inline skating in Germany. If you want to be more miserable, check out the view from the mountain, the inside of the salt mine, and the inline skating on country roads in the forest. Yowee. Sweet views. Makes me miss those NC mountains, too, though they are older and more rounded, in general. Of course, I'd like it if dude would wear a helmet, but I am happy to have someone showing some skating as part of the highlights of visiting a region.


Karlstein, Bayern
50° 2' 30.4548" N, 9° 1' 51.6216" E
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Calculating Calories Burned Hiking up Stone Mountain, Georgia

Some of you may remember me last year hashing to death the subject of 'calories burned per activity'. Well I'm still ruminating on it about once a month.

Interestingly enough while climbing the 700 or so feet up Georgia's granite lump, Stone Mountain, I was gasping for breath at the steeper section near the top. Feeling like I had just skated the US10K classic, I went to check my heart rate, expecting to see 168 or even over 170. Big shock: it was a mere 152 bpm!


United States
33° 48' 15.3864" N, 84° 8' 46.0752" W
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Exercising Outdoors Alone: Should I Skate with a Gun? The Meredith Emerson Case

Great - now I have another excuse aside from exhaustion or the weather as to why I shouldn't skate in the evenings after work...the danger in skating, walking, running alone on a park trail.


Blood Mountain Georgia
United States
34° 44' 23.2044" N, 83° 56' 12.912" W
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The Secret to Weight Loss and Maintaining Your Target Weight

Whilst snooping around the personal finance and get-out-of-debt blogs, I tapped into the personal weight-loss blogs. In following the ADHD links to the maze of other such webpages, I found some funny blog titles, like "Over 40, in debt and overweight". Yes, in 2007 there are countless people still struggling in vain to lose excess weight. They all seem to believe that food deprivation and other people's idea of exercise are the only solutions. Will this hopelessly cruel and debilitating cycle ever end?

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