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Grand Teton National Park Path Allows Inline Skating, Seeks Trail Volunteer Ambassadors: Inline Skaters Here's Your Chance!

This is just a brief note to point out another place on Department of Interior land where inline skating is specifically encouraged, unlike out beautiful Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

But what a beautiful place to travel to for inline skating! Click the photo for another article on this subject...


Dornans Trailhead
Dornans Road
Moose, Wyoming
United States
43° 39' 21.3912" N, 110° 42' 37.728" W
Lake Jenny Trailhead Teton, Wyoming
United States
43° 45' 4.0788" N, 110° 43' 18.948" W
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Roller-Journalism on CNN: Gary Tuchman in Haiti

There's a video on CNN's blogs about a journalist who skates around Haiti.

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Some Humor and Some Fodder on the French, Razors, Rollerblades, More

If you want to read some funny comments and real observation (including why we need to be careful and caring when on skates), check out this little piece observing life in heaven, or hell, depending whether you love the little wheels. We need not be a nuisance of course, and plenty of other wheeled and non-wheeled folk are, but remember, we are a minority and thus often must meet a higher standard, or at least it helps if we do! As for the scooters (which I notice in parks parents are less likely to make kids wear a helmet when using!)....


48° 51' 24.0012" N, 2° 21' 3.5532" E
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Miami Great EsSkate 2009 Inline Skating Rollerblading Festival Photos and Videos Links

Photos of the Miami Beach South Beach Great EsSkate are starting to show up on the lists. Maybe I'll have a handful of our fun in Greensboro too. We'll see, ha! Anyway, here are some photos from Miami... These are from Maki of Empire Skate in New York... http://sk8ny.net/img/ges200902/album/ges200902.html Please add links to any you find!


Miami Great EsSkate Miami Beach, Florida
United States
25° 46' 16.3308" N, 80° 7' 54.3756" W
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89-Year-Old Broke Hip Inline Skating Five Years Ago...Painted Roof To Honor Love

Here's a brief article about a man who painted the tiles of his roof as a sign to heaven for his deceased wife caught my eye for its comment on the emotional aspects of inline skating, and because of this age, around 84, when he broke a hip skating!

It took Mr Hall, 89, three months to paint the roof of Berta's corner. Mr Hall said he was relieved it was finished because he broke his hip roller-blading five years ago.

"Roller-blading was a way to forget the loneliness of life," Mr Hall said.


Sans Souci, New South Wales
33° 59' 26.5128" S, 151° 7' 59.394" E
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Adam Sandler & Keri Russell Inline Skating (Rollerblading) on Santa Monica Movie Set

Hey nothing huge here, but maybe inline skating will get a boost from "Bedtime Stories," a movie in production and recently filming in Santa Monica, if my sources (ha, see below) are correct. I'm guessing these are K2 4x90s or 4x100s?...


Santa Monica, California
United States
34° 0' 35.8668" N, 118° 29' 43.4292" W
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