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ice skating

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Russian Champs Coach Ice-Skating & Ice-Dance Clinics 2007, Maryland

If you're near the DC area this summer, you may be interested in the ice-dance clinics being coached by:

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11 Consecutive Olympics: A Speedskating Dynasty?

     In the sports world, columnists declare a sports dynasty is upon us every time a team, athlete, or coach has multiple appearances in his or her version of "the big show". The papers and sports channels clamor to tout their successes. However, a success story in amateur sports has been mostly ignored in St. Louis where area skaters have represented the USA in the last 11 consecutive Olympics games. Now, St. Louis skaters are positioning themselves to continue this great tradition while continuing to be mostly ignored. 

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Rideau Canal Skateway Ottawa Canada to Open Soon

Climate change or not, those crazywonderful Canadians have been trying to get the canal ready for skating at least by their upcoming Winterlude festival on February 2. I love any article that says...

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17-Year-Old Short Track Speedskater Gets Ready for Prague

Young short track speedskater, Trevor Marsicano, 17, is off to Prague soon overcoming serious injury to skate his first international competition abroad. This article by Ian Pickus for The Saratogian mentions his mentor, "popular coach and skate-maker Paul Marchese."

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Inline and Ice Speedskater Joey Cheek in China for Darfur

While working on the site a bit I heard a story on NPR about George Clooney and Joey Cheek and others visiting Egypt and China in an effort to get some attention and aid for the refugees in the Darfur region of the Sudan. It is amazing how long we have let this go, myself included, without taking any real action. I am glad someone has time and focus to apply to this, and I am happy that a skater is converting fame to benevolent action.

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Sk8u.com Skate University Share Instruction and Coaching Tips

This is sk8u.com and it stands for Skate University. No we're not claiming to be a real university or anything like that, but we do love skating, and you can contribute to the world's knowledge, certified or not, official or not, about skating instruction for private lessons, group lessons, or as part of coaching individuals or teams, indoor or out, any kind of skating.

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