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ice hockey

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Quick Guide to Working Out at the Kearns, Utah Olympic Speed Skating Oval (and more) Near Salt Lake CIty

Lots of us dream of touring our way to a speed skating oval, and especially the one where the Olympic Speed Skaters train, ice or not. It turns out it's nice and cool in there, and there are running as well as skating facilities. Rather than repeat it all, I'll say check out this guide. But if you want speed skating, you need to wait until mid-July, when the 400m oval gets ice. For now, it's dryland exercises. 

Kearns' Olympic Oval - Salt Lake City Weekly -


The Olympic Oval
5662 South Cougar Lane
Kearns, Utah
United States
40° 38' 52.3392" N, 112° 0' 31.374" W
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Ice Skating Treadmill; Plus OK Go "Here It Goes Again" Music Video

Thanks to a skating newsletter from Londonskaters Mike, here's a link to a video about Cornell University's ice hockey training 'treadmill'. Huh? How'd they get the ice to wrap around like that? ;-)

I wonder why they need a harness to skate uphill? And sure, pavement/wheel friction complicates things, but a pair of inlines plus a hill would probably be cheaper.


Cornell University
East Ave
Ithaca, New York
United States
42° 27' 23.0184" N, 76° 28' 57.7092" W
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Atlanta Braves Baseball Pitcher Tom Glavine can't... SKATE... today?!

When it comes to Dion Sanders, Michael Jordan, and many other athletes I've never heard of - some people have more than their fair share of professional-sportness! Reading some Atlanta Journal-Constitution headlines this morning I did a double-take, thinking my sleep-deprivation had hit an all-time low: "Glavine Ill, can't Skate Today". I sometimes misread words like 'steak', and 'shake' as 'skate', but Tom Glavine and 'Skate' in the same sentence?


Atlanta Ice Forum
2300 Satellite Blvd
Duluth, Georgia 30097
United States
33° 58' 43.9464" N, 84° 5' 27.5784" W
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