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North Carolina Walk'n'Roll or Bike/Walk Human Powered Transportation Group Founding Meeting Greensboro NC Mar 2, 2008

The soon to be formerly known as ncbikeped group will get a new name this weekend. You can help make it include other rollers specifically (skaters, skateboarders, wheelchairists of the commuting and athletic training sort) by attending and voting for the name with "Roll" in it. It's down to 2 names and this is the vote that decides it. Please be there!
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WUNC Covers Human Powered Transportation, Fear, Safety, Exercise, Health, Biking, Walking and (Silently) Skating

I don't know if anyone heard this live, but WUNC had a piece on about bicycle, pedestrian and other human powered transportation issues (OK they said people powered) today. The piece mentioned the American Tobacco Trail, Durham and Raleigh, and efforts to improve safety, since it seems to be the common thread among those who'd "like to" but don't.... Here's the page...
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Skate, Bike or Walk to Work in Downtown Atlanta for a $15 Gift Card

It would be worth getting a job in downtown Atlanta over the next month just to make a statement here!

The Downtown Transportation Management Association, part of Central Atlanta Progress, is offering commuters a $15 gift card if they find a more environmentally-friendly way to get themselves to work and back more than 23 times between Jan 15th and Feb 15th, 2008, according to an article in yesterday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Name Survey: North Carolina Walk Roll Human Powered Transportation Alternatives Bike Group

Here are the results of the second name survey for the NC Walk & Roll Human-Powered Transportation Alternatives Bike/Walk Group or whatever it is to be called. I was happy to see Walk & Roll and other inclusive names do so well. I had thought there would be more votes overall, but everyone had a chance to vote, so there it is. 

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North Carolina Bicycling Pedestrian Maybe Human-Powered Transportation Inline Skating Transportation Alternatives Meeting

This is potentially a huge week for walkers, cyclists, skaters and other lovers of human-powered transportation, whether you are from North Carolina or just visit here for leisure activities, or even to raise money for the good folk of North Carolina and the rest of the world who have Multiple Sclerosis, or for other great causes.

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Letter to the North Carolina Bicycle Pedestrian Advocacy Group

Hi to all:

I'm the "inline skater" that suggested Walk'n'Roll NC (or Walk&Roll NC with a big fat sexy ampersand). I also have skin, breathe, walk, drive, eat, sleep, and much more.

To those brave enough to speak against inline skaters being included in the NC Bike Ped coalition or whatever your current name, thanks for saying what you're thinking. I'd rather deal with open discrimination than secrets and lies. Thanks for your courage. I'm sure many agree with you.

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Keeping Greensboro Country Park (or Any) Fun, Safe & Open to Bikers & Skaters

Dale Brown of Cycles de Oro posted some comments about riding safely in Greensboro Country Park after hearing some complaints relayed by Parks and Recreation. Let me add my thoughts and include cycling, inline skating, skateboarding and running. Any time you're faster than others, they need your help with safety. And any time you're in a smaller group, it's a good idea to strive to be worthy of the good will and respect of the larger one, in my view.

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Gears & Spokes Charity Bike & Walk Festival Greensboro NC April 28 2007

The Gears & Spokes ride comes to Greensboro with an afternoon start this year. Meet at the Lewis Recreation Center for packet pickup after 11:00 am with registration closing at 12:00 noon for a metric start 12:30 pm, 25-miler at 12:45 pm, or a walk leaving at 1 pm.
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Detroit and Farmington Michigan Folk Might Enjoy Metroparks Coffee Table Guide

Folk from Detroit, especially our pals in Farmington, might enjoy a book mentioned in the Farmington newspaper (not sure of the name but perhaps it's called HometownLife?). As the article states...

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