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Sk8u.com Skate University Share Instruction and Coaching Tips

This is sk8u.com and it stands for Skate University. No we're not claiming to be a real university or anything like that, but we do love skating, and you can contribute to the world's knowledge, certified or not, official or not, about skating instruction for private lessons, group lessons, or as part of coaching individuals or teams, indoor or out, any kind of skating.

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Skating William B. Umstead State Park

Raleigh recently was hit by a storm that did some damage to some of the trails which have been discussed on InlineNC and TSC, but I was lucky enough to skate the Capital Area Greenway before that.

NYC Central Park traffic closure withdrawn

Transportation Alternatives has announced the withdrawal of Intro 276, which would have closed Central Park to all motorized traffic for the summer. Please read the press release, enjoy the increased car-free hours that we have won, and stay tuned for more activity that will make New York a better place to roll under your own steam!

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