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Push Through your Plateau

There are some interesting posts on www.pickthebrain.com, offering advice from a feelings-to-common-sense perspective. One article entitled 8 Moves to Make When you Feel Like Giving up, mentions hitting a plateau:


"In some cases you might feel like giving up even though you’re doing all the right things. This is called “the dip” — the plateau that separates the average from the best in the world"


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Sign Up Now for the Next Skate Strong Workshop! (August 18 2007 Raleigh NC)

I'd like to start getting an idea of how many people will be taking my next workshop. It will be held on Saturday, August 18th. The location will most likely be the same as last time -- Reedy Creek Elementary School. The feedback from the first one was pretty good. I'd encourage anyone that attended the first one to post their thoughts so that others might sign up...


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T2T Elon Bike Shop Training Ride

Saturday was my first foray into over the road skating in a couple of years, and hey, it felt wonderful. I'm retraining my body to relax and go with the pack flow on the downhills, still some trepidation there. If I don't fill comfortable, I just backoff and go into solo aerobrake mode.

It was Blake, Elizabeth, Melinda, Andy, and me in the group. Although Blake was suffering boot/foot problems, which as we all know can be agony, a good time was had by all over the pleasant route. Thanks to Blake for the encouragement to get on the road again.

Give Yourself a Brake...For Your Inline Speedskates

If you need a break, no, I mean a brake, perhaps Cado Motus has what you need.  The former Mogema company has a brake that's supposed to work with 80mm-to-110mm-wheel frames.  Personally, I haven't seen one of these yet, but on www.nettracing.com there are pictures with installation instructions.

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Tour de Lions 2007 Photos

As many of you know, Tour de Lions is one of our favorites for a yearly visit with great people, exercising for a good cause, and getting to know a local community and its people as we work together on behalf of others and for the great feelings we get doing so. Sometimes we think we should save our money and skate where it's free, but then we go to Tour de Lions or Tour to Tanglewood and we know that even though the money means a lot to us, it can do even more for others in the right hands.

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Tour de Kale 2007 Photos

Thanks to a little extra encouragement from the Tour de Kale organizers when I was skating at Tour de Lions, and to the great feedback we had from other who had done the event, we decided to go this year despite our excuses. We're glad we did.

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Tour de Kale 2007 Bike Ride

2007.06.16 8:30 am
2007.06.16 12:30 pm
Tour de Kale is a charity ride that gets good reviews in the Piedmont. I met the guy who runs it at the Tour de Lions and he said we Roadskaters should come give it a try. Check out the info on
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The Rule of 96 at Country Park

A couple of nights ago, we were talking about laps times and speeds on the 1.6 mile loop at Country Park and I remarked that you could find average speed in miles per hour just by dividing 96 by the time in minutes. But I guess this might not be so obvious if you haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it.

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Three Hours of Sleep, Some Junior Hamburgers, Yahoo! Mail Crash, Let's Go Skate!

What a crazy day. After a meeting in the early morning, I came back to check on an order I was trying to fill for a company who needed several dozen Robin Safety Boy Emergency Scissors. Changes in shipping, locations, quantities and availability had me trying to juggle a combination of calls and emails.

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