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Joey Mantia Slow Motion 300fps Inline Skating Speed Outdoor Track Video: What do you notice?

Check out this video of Joey Mantia on an outdoor track, in slow motion video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9jbxcxJELQ Notice anything specific? (Other than muscles, I mean!) Anyone know where the video was getaken? [Later: I think I found it and have it pinned on the map. I'm sure eebee can help with the meaning of the title...sounds like community health insurance commission or similar, but the googlemaps note says it's an outdoor, covered, 200m track. Sweet.] Thanks to Brian R for posting that link on the skating social list.


Gemeindeverwaltung Krankenkassenkontrolle?
Frauenfelderstrasse 10
Weinfelden 85700
47° 34' 5.6028" N, 9° 6' 29.1024" E
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What's Up With Hyper Hyperformance +G and Mach 2 100mm Inline Speed Skate Wheels? Your A2A Choice?

Hi to all. With A2A fast approaching procrastinators want to know: What's up with Hyper wheels in general, 100mm in particular, and Hyperformance +G and Mach 2, more specifically? eebee and I are scouting around for at least 12 100mm and 4 84mm and we found one spot that seems to have them, but only one we ever heard of. Now I'm not against low-fame websites, ha, but seriously where have all the Hypers gone? Anybody have a great source? What have you been using and are they worth the money?
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Bicycle Toy and Hobby Sales Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride 2008 Photos Speed Map and Topo Thumbnails

Bicycle Toy & Hobby Sales gaves us a great skate and ride last weekend, even considering some rough road (not the worst gatorback by far, but not as great as the rest) on the spur out to and around Abbotts Creek. We had nice skaters, 4 veterans of T2T and 5 who have yet to experience the glorious weekend...but most plan to.


Bicycles Toy and Hobby Sales
High Point, North Carolina
United States
35° 58' 52.9788" N, 80° 1' 19.0704" W
Horneytown Volunteer Fire Station BT&HS T2T TR Rest Stop 1
102 Horneytown Road
High Point
United States
36° 1' 5.6892" N, 80° 3' 36.6228" W
Abbotts Creek Missionary Baptist Church BT&HS T2T TR Rest Stop 2
2817 Abbotts Creek Church Road http://abbottscreek.org
High Point, North Carolina
United States
36° 0' 14.7636" N, 80° 5' 8.934" W
skatey-mark's picture

Cast your vote for the date of the next SkateStrong inline skating (rollerblading) workshop!

Hi everyone! Due to the multitude of schedule conflicts around the original date for my workshop, it ended up not happening. So... I want to gauge the interest of all the skaters out there and see if there are enough people that would attend a workshop, should I decide to put one together.

Details of the workshop can be found here: http://www.skatestrong.com/

If I can find a suitable camcorder, I'll film people and we can do some video analysis as well.

Here are some potential dates for the workshop:


Raleigh, North Carolina
United States
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Skatestrong Inline Skating Workshop for Multiple Sclerosis, Cary, NC, Mar 29, 2008

2008.03.29 9:00 am
2008.03.29 5:54 pm
Skatey-Mark brings his skills and encouragement to bear as he teaches another one-day SkateStrong skating workshop for MS in Raleigh on March 29....


Reedy Creek Elementary School
940 Reedy Creek Rd
Cary, North Carolina
United States
35° 48' 43.8156" N, 78° 46' 15.6648" W
roadskater's picture

An Ancient 27-Year Old Hits the Ice for Some Speedskating Fun

Funny how my parents think I'm young, and I think I'm old sometimes, young others, mostly depending if I've been forced to look in a mirror, or to look at my hands, or help me, otherwise be faced with reality of that sort. The inner reality is often far different, and yay for that....


Allandale Recreation Centre, Blue Rink
190 Bayview Drive
Barrie, Ontario
44° 21' 37.0908" N, 79° 40' 58.6884" W
andrewinnc's picture

Inline Skating "Marathon through the Gardens": Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia (GA)

2008.05.03 7:00 am
2008.05.03 11:00 am

Having skated with Blake and many others last summer at so many outdoor events, I am always looking forward to somewhere new and different to skate. I ran across this marathon a few months ago and have gotten all the details. I thought I would share with everyone. It seems like the marathon is set up for the more adventurous of us who like to race, myself not included, than those that skate outdoors for the pleasure, relaxation, scenery, exercise, etc...

Event info can be found at the following link:



Callaway Gardens Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822
United States
32° 50' 48.9408" N, 84° 50' 49.4484" W
andrewinnc's picture

Question about Inline Speed Skate Wheel Wobble

I am hoping someone can help me solve a major dilemma. I have noticed some of my wheels have developed a severe wobble. It doesn't matter which location I put them on the frame they still wobble. I checked the frames out today and the axles are all inline, surprisingly very much more than I would have thought. So i have ruled out a bent frame. I align my frame with the heel being centered underneath my heel and the front of the frame coming out between my big toe and second toe. This ligns up with a lot of the articles I have read on frame alignment, so I think it is pretty close.

roadskater's picture

Sparkles Speed Skaters Blurring By on a Wednesday Night

I had a chance to hang out with eebee a bit while she was working on a project to promote skating a bit. We both took our cameras to see what we'd get, ill equipped as we were, without some of my fun lenses. We got to see some new folk and some fellow Athens to Atlanta and US10K veterans as well. I was mostly chilling and hoping to capture a photo of the day or two or more. Anyway, here's a sample that's not likely suitable for print but it sure is fun the ghostly way it turned out.


Sparkles Roller Skating Rink sparklesrollerrinks.com
1104 Grayson Hwy
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045
United States
33° 55' 17.9184" N, 83° 58' 18.5628" W
Sparkles Spritely Speed Skaters
eebee's picture

Performance Findings After a 2 Month Break from Inline Skating

Some interesting self-assessments after taking a break from any kind of exercise for 2 months (except climbing the 40 or so steps to my apartment about 4-6 times a day!), and after throwing all caution to the wind regarding healthy eating :-0

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