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grass and dirt

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NC State Games at Greensboro Country Park June 23-24

We saw more guys out today in skinsuits and on bikes than usual, and I wondered what was up. The funny thing was there were road and mtb types, and some of them seemed to be checking out particular parts of the course with special attention. I forgot all of this until I started looking at ride calendars for the weekend, and in addition to Blood, Sweat and Gears (50 mile/100 mile) in the mountains, I found out that the State Games of NC take place in Greensboro Country Park this weekend.

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Kudos to Greensboro NC for Center City Park Wireless WiFi Access

Hello to all after a few days away when even RSN2.com took a day or two off! I'm sitting in Greensboro's Center City Park using the Wifi connection, and I must say this is nice. At about 8pm, the light is fading and the temperature is cooling a bit from a nice warm day. I decided against skating for several reasons, one being the orange level air quality warning, a very late schedule of sleeping and waking, and some work that needed to be done.

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