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rolling hills

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Greensboro Velo Club's Fall Cyclefest Bike Ride Skate to benefit Multiple Sclerosis October 19, 2008

2008.10.19 8:30 am
2008.10.19 1:00 pm

Mileage options: 20, 40 or 60 miles. 60 milers leave at 9am (wow that sounds wonderful after a whole summer of getting up at 5.30am for training rides!), 20 & 40 milers leave at 10am. This is a cycling event but the GVC folks usually let us join in on skates! Not sure how late the course is open, but there are rest stops and a SAG, as well as 'food and drink' at the finish.


Here is the .pdf flyer:



Northeast Park
4010 High Rock Rd
Gibsonville, North Carolina 27249
United States
Phone: (336) 375-2322
36° 9' 53.7264" N, 79° 37' 1.9488" W
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Athens to Atlanta GA Roadskate 2008 87-Mile A2A Road Inline Skate Photos, Thumbnail Route Map, Speed Route Map

Our 9th official skating of the 87-mile Athens to Atlanta Roadskate (not including two unofficial traverses in 2005) was on a warm and sunny day one might have expected a month or so earlier. I knew I'd be feeling the muscle cramps in my quads eventually but that didn't stop me from being overly excited at some points early on.


Airplane Flying over A2A Course (Hybrid View)
United States
34° 1' 35.0616" N, 83° 36' 37.9368" W
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Athens to Atlanta (A2A) Roadskate: 87 miles of Rolling Georgia Hills on Inline Skates

2008.10.05 7:30 am
2008.10.05 5:30 pm
Come join us for the grandskatey of them all, the Athens to Atlanta Roadskate from Athens Georgia to Atlanta GA. I'm a bit late putting this one on the schedule, ha, so I'll keep it short! We'll miss you if you're not there and be glad to see you if you are!


Athens to Atlanta Roadskate Start
E Washington St at N Thomas St
Athens, Georgia
United States
33° 57' 35.5932" N, 83° 22' 25.0464" W
Finish Line of A2A in Piedmont Park, Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia
United States
33° 47' 14.5608" N, 84° 22' 28.7076" W
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What's Up With Hyper Hyperformance +G and Mach 2 100mm Inline Speed Skate Wheels? Your A2A Choice?

Hi to all. With A2A fast approaching procrastinators want to know: What's up with Hyper wheels in general, 100mm in particular, and Hyperformance +G and Mach 2, more specifically? eebee and I are scouting around for at least 12 100mm and 4 84mm and we found one spot that seems to have them, but only one we ever heard of. Now I'm not against low-fame websites, ha, but seriously where have all the Hypers gone? Anybody have a great source? What have you been using and are they worth the money?
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Fruitcake & Cotton Fields - Claxton, GA Cruisin' in the Country 2007 (Century)

2007.11.09 1:00 pm
2007.11.10 5:00 pm

A2A is over, the leg-swelling is gone, the let-down has set in and I'm itching for another excuse to spend a long day skating. I am happy to find that the Claxton, GA, Chamber of Commerce is putting on another 'Cruisin' in the Country' (cycling) event this year. Blake and I, plus Keno, Mark Day and some other APRR skaters took part in this great event back in 2003 (on skates).


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Ken's Bike Shop Winston-Salem NC Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos

We had a nice dry day and homegrownmatt showed up briefly to say hi-bye before streaking off on his knobbies to chase down some roadies. It was great to see him, and even better to have some Mexican food later on with him at the best Mexibuffet I have ever seen at Cuco's in King, NC. The next time you're up on US-52 looking for some great tasting food, check it out.

Check out the photos from the Ken's Bike Shop T2T TR here:

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Carolina Cup 2007 Bike Race Photos Country Park Greensboro NC

During a weekend full of fun and necessary preparations for the Tour to Tanglewood next week, plus with some birthday cake and 28 miles of skating loops at Greensboro Country Park on Saturday, we ended up back out at the park on Sunday afternoon for the Pro/1/2, Women's Open and the start of the Senior Cat 3 bicycle races. We walked the 1.65 mile loop in the opposite direction of the racers and took photos as we ambled along.

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Tour to Tanglewood 2007 Clemmons Bicycle Training Ride

This past Saturday's Tour to Tanglewood training ride was hosted by Clemmons Bicycle. As in previous years, the route was beautiful, hilly with great pavement, limited congestion and a couple of fun, long downhills (Darwick Road and Fraternity Church Road).

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Bikestock 2007 Photos: Mt. Airy, NC Bike Ride Skate

We had a great time at Bikestock 2007 in Mt. Airy, at least once we were finished! Actually even though it was tough and required some careful navigation, and there were spots in there where it was almost impossible to skate up some rough road, as a whole, Bikestock was a blast. When we finished, we knew we had accomplished something, especially on a moderately hot and moderately hazy yellow AQI day. Please check out my photos below or at this link:

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State Games of North Carolina (NC) 2007 Cycling Criterium Photos

With the State Games of North Carolina bike events (mountain biking and road cycling criterium) being held in Greensboro Country Park in 2007, I was looking forward to a weekend of less training, just walking around the park watching cyclists of all sorts and ages reach their limits in search of some North Carolina glory. However, it didn't work out that way as I decided to spend all day Saturday skating on the American Tobacco Trail, which led me to sleep in on Sunday, not even hearing my alarm.

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