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Athens to Atlanta (a2a)

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What's your Inline-Skating, Cycling or Running Training Style: Periodization, Marathon-Training, or Haphazard?

With this year's outdoor inline training season ahead, I've been wondering how I should best spend the precious time available to me and reap the best skate training rewards later in the year.

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2009 Inline Skate Calendar of Events for the Roadskater.net Community will be helpful

Here it is.......New Year's Eve 2008, and time to plan for 2009 skating events.

A quick check shows: 

  • Great EsSkate in Miami FLA on the weekend starting Friday 2/6/09; 
  • Tdk in Denton NC on Saturday 6/20/09; 
  • A2A in Athens GA on Sunday 10/11/09; 
  • T2T as TBA;  (plus training skrides)
  • Carolina Century as TBA

As the premier online inline group :-)  could we get more indepth confirmation on the above and add to the list with any and all events?

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BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple in Good ol' Lilburn, GA

Alright now, this is the best reason to sign up for the full 87 mile distance A2A 2009 as soon as they post the date and registration forms. Don't sign up for the 38, because you'll miss this sight (and don't sign up for the 52, because it's too painless). 


United States
33° 53' 7.2312" N, 84° 9' 44.208" W

A2A 2008-52 miles

the basics:
4th place OA
2nd place in AG
time of 3:35 @ 14.9 MPH

So let's rewind to last year.

I dragged in second place overall AND the 3rd place OA is a good friend of mine that i know i can beat any given day. so last year i decided i was racing the 52 mile option (out of a choice of 38, 52, 87).

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Athens to Atlanta GA Roadskate 2008 87-Mile A2A Road Inline Skate Photos, Thumbnail Route Map, Speed Route Map

Our 9th official skating of the 87-mile Athens to Atlanta Roadskate (not including two unofficial traverses in 2005) was on a warm and sunny day one might have expected a month or so earlier. I knew I'd be feeling the muscle cramps in my quads eventually but that didn't stop me from being overly excited at some points early on.


Airplane Flying over A2A Course (Hybrid View)
United States
34° 1' 35.0616" N, 83° 36' 37.9368" W
johnnyChen's picture

A2A 55-mile skate -- Sunday morning fun skate went out of control

The Texas Flyers had planned to send a team to 2005 A2A [which was canceled that year --roadskater].  I wanted to participate in the worst way.  I was too weak to skate at the time and started to ask skaters to go to A2A.  “Don’t wait ‘til you’re ready.  Go while the event exists.”




Piedmont Park (Tennis Courts) Atlanta, Georgia
United States
33° 47' 15.6264" N, 84° 22' 29.1396" W
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Athens to Atlanta GA Roadskate 2008 Friday Night Skate Photos, Thumbnail Route Map, Speed Route Map

I'm working my way through hundreds of photos from Athens to Atlanta weekend. Here's what I have for the Friday Night Skate:


Skate Escape Atlanta, Georgia
United States
33° 47' 4.1136" N, 84° 22' 44.3172" W
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Failure: Do or do not, There is no Try

Let's hear it for failing spectacularly.

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Athens to Atlanta Roadskate (A2A Skate): Total Ascent, Elevation Gain; Barometric or GPS Data?

Does anybody have the total ascent or elevation gain for the 87 mile Athens-to-Atlanta (A2A) course kicking around somewhere in their GPS or training files? I have googled all sorts of term combos, as well as searched this site. Blake's A2A mapmyride entry shows highest & lowest elevation but doesn't add it up for me :-). I'm feeling a bit fuzzy headed today so it's entirely possible I overlooked it, but please post that figure if you have it!


United States
33° 59' 52.8972" N, 83° 44' 55.6044" W
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