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skart's picture

Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon Report (Tampa Skating Race Results)

This is a quick report on the Squiggy Classic Inline marathon I did this past weekend.


Tampa, Florida
United States
28° 7' 27.1488" N, 82° 19' 24.1968" W
andrewinnc's picture

Inline Skating "Marathon through the Gardens": Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia (GA)

2008.05.03 7:00 am
2008.05.03 11:00 am

Having skated with Blake and many others last summer at so many outdoor events, I am always looking forward to somewhere new and different to skate. I ran across this marathon a few months ago and have gotten all the details. I thought I would share with everyone. It seems like the marathon is set up for the more adventurous of us who like to race, myself not included, than those that skate outdoors for the pleasure, relaxation, scenery, exercise, etc...

Event info can be found at the following link:



Callaway Gardens Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822
United States
32° 50' 48.9408" N, 84° 50' 49.4484" W
johnnyChen's picture

Texas Flyers at the inaugural Houston Inline Marathon

It was a fun and relaxing weekend with a nice hotel.
Wish more skaters were there.

photos by Shelley Kautz:

skart's picture

North Shore Inline Marathon 2007: Scattered Memories of a Wheel Sucker :-)

Arriving to 50 degrees in Duluth on Friday was quite a change to the 90 degrees weather in North Carolina... Luckily, the Internet world was buzzing with the forecast of chilly weather for a while and I was fairly ready to cope with it. Still, it’s been a while since I have skated in a 30 degrees weather and I was not sure about several things, the biggest of them all – wheels.

wayne_imhoff's picture

Northshore Inline Marathon, Duluth MN, September 15 2007

2007.09.15 7:30 am
2007.09.15 10:00 am

Adrenaline will surge on Saturday, September 15, 2007 at 7:30 a.m. as the gun signals the start of the largest inline marathon and ARC (American Roller Cup) Series event in the U.S.A.! Following the same scenic course Grandma's marathoners have run along for the past 30 years, nearly 4,000 inline skaters will test their endurance in the 12th Annual NORTHSHORE INLINE MARATHON.

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