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Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries

JonathanS's picture

Challenge of the Centuries 2010 Charity Bike Ride Skate Report


Sooo, I was the lonely only skater at the Challenge of the Centuries.  And that was fine because it left all the comments of “what you are doing is amazing” all for myself.  Ha!  No, the bikers where great there, and even the traffic was very considerate.  I had a good time talking to people, and felt very welcome.  I almost brought my camera on the road with me, and now regret I didn’t.  So many cool things.  And so many lessons learned.


Hartwell, Georgia
United States
34° 21' 10.3788" N, 82° 55' 55.5132" W
eebee's picture

Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries, Memorial Weekend 2010

2010.05.29 6:00 am
2010.05.30 6:00 pm

The computer ate my wonderful write-up!  So go to the website, check it out and envision a nice Memorial Day weekend ride!


Here are some previous comments about this event:





United States
34° 21' 2.9916" N, 82° 55' 16.5432" W
roadskater's picture

Get Well APRR Chuck (Atlanta Inline Skater Hits the Road)

Yo APRR Chuck. We heard you took a fall (via email) just as we were telling cyclists at the Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries to watch for you at Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG). Hope you are doing well. Tell us stories of the day if and when you are willing and able! Skateylove amigo and I hope those red high heels (the Bont Semis) are OK too! If you have the Geo coordinates of your fall (I KNOW you do, along with speed and heading) we'll put a pin on the map for your tumble as part of this article. Take care...roadskater


United States
33° 48' 10.3896" N, 84° 14' 58.1064" W
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