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Tour de Georgia

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Tour de Georgia 2009 Pro Cycling Race Flats Out

It looks like I'll have a bit of extra free time, sadly, and a bit less life, particularly the life of watching cycling via internet streaming video...for 2009 at least. In the year that Lance Armstrong may be coming back, it seems he won't be coming back to the Tour de Georgia because it won't be there according to the foundation that owns the tour. 


Switchbacks on NC-184 Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, North Carolina
United States
36° 10' 51.366" N, 81° 52' 17.2884" W
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Tour de Georgia: Biggest Loser Food-Stained Jersey for Acts of Embarrassing Spectatorism

No, it's not my award to the one who lost the most weight in the Tour de Georgia. It's for the lamest spectator or other non-cyclist in the tour. There were so many, for such a small audience.

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Watch Tour de Georgia Cycling Video and GPS Tracking Free Online

Wow. Really great stuff and sorry to be late on this with the Eddy workshop and guests coming to town, but over time, free internet video and the Tour de Georgia are both getting cooler. As I had to keep telling myself last weekend, I can't leave town right now with lots to do and some of it requiring me to be here, so I will have to enjoy this opportunity from afar it seems. If anyone thinks they want to get a carpool together later in the week, let me know (I know I'm dreamin').


Tour de Georgia Stage 3 Finish Gainesville, Georgia
United States
34° 18' 33.7428" N, 83° 49' 26.2056" W
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