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Carolina Cup

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Photos of the 37th Annual Carolina Cup Bicycle Races 2009 in Greensboro Country Park Greensboro NC

After an awesome Saturday morning roadskating the improved course for the 43-mile route of the Bicycle Toy & Hobby Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride in High Point, sleeping late Sunday was nice. But we knew the Carolina Cup Bicycle Races were going on at Greensboro Country Park, so we got going and made it up in time for the last three big events. I also had a phone call related to the NC Active Transportation Alliance (http://ncactive.org), so for a while I was on the phone and photographing at the same time. Yowee.

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Carolina Cup 2007 Bike Race Photos Country Park Greensboro NC

During a weekend full of fun and necessary preparations for the Tour to Tanglewood next week, plus with some birthday cake and 28 miles of skating loops at Greensboro Country Park on Saturday, we ended up back out at the park on Sunday afternoon for the Pro/1/2, Women's Open and the start of the Senior Cat 3 bicycle races. We walked the 1.65 mile loop in the opposite direction of the racers and took photos as we ambled along.

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