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johnnyChen's picture

A2A 2009 38-mile race + 51-mile group skate

After skating Ragbrai 2009, A2A called my name.  My body wasn’t conditioned to go hard for 4+ hrs.  I was uncomfortable on Atlanta’s rough flats without a Chuck.  I signed up for 38-mile. 

The long hills and the number of skaters made time-based goal impractical.  I sought ways to win the 38-mile race, which included Dillon and Chance Martin.  They were among the top skaters of their generation and raced as teammates for Powerslide.  I averaged 1 practice per week, usually short and unfocused.

Cat Brother's picture

Friday Carpool Athens to Atlanta

OK, coming down to the wire - everyone got your Ziploc's packed?

I just got off the phone with the proprieter of Skate Escape - there isn't much parking around his place, and he was very clear to NOT leave stuff in your car there, as break-ins are frequent.

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