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Skate Boston: Inline Skating Roller Road Skating Festival, August 1-3, 2008

2008.08.01 6:00 pm
2008.08.03 6:00 pm
Not much available on this festival yet, but some of the Boston skaters have come down to skate Tour to Tanglewood with us, so maybe we can find a way up to see them. I wonder about the train, if it might be competitive at these gas prices? It'll be much later if I can decide to do it. I wish I could have been there last week in fact for a geek con up there. Great skaters and a great town equal tons of fun. I don't know much about Skate Boston. Anyone here been? The website is http://www.skate-boston.net but I think they're not ready for us as of this writing.


Boston, Massachusetts
United States
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