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US10K classic

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What's your Inline-Skating, Cycling or Running Training Style: Periodization, Marathon-Training, or Haphazard?

With this year's outdoor inline training season ahead, I've been wondering how I should best spend the precious time available to me and reap the best skate training rewards later in the year.

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Skate-Dream Interpretation?

Warning: silly post!



The Big Chicken
12 Cobb Pkwy NE
Marietta, Georgia 30062
United States
33° 57' 4.3092" N, 84° 31' 14.7252" W
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Inline Skating Hill-Training Progression

To follow up on my previous post, earlier in the summer, after I had started my hill training for T2T and A2A (Tour de Kale and Tour de Lions too, for that matter!), here are my conclusions about how I should expect my hill training to progress, based on training, performance and perception this year.


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US10k Classic 2007: Bike, Skate, Wheelchair, Run, Walk races

2007.09.03 7:15 am
2007.09.03 3:04 pm

Not sure yet if I'm going to be able to take part this year, but it's not because I'm not yearning to. Most years I try to find some safer, park-like hills to see approximately how fast I can charge up and down 6.2 miles of hills before I sign up, just because I want to have a hope of beating my best time. However, it's almost impossible to duplicate the effort because it's held on a closed-course road, devoid of toddlers and dogs. Stone Mountain Park, GA, offers the best, similar conditions to estimate how long it'll take you to complete the US10K course.

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