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vintage bicycles (classic bikes)

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Photos of Vintage Bikes in Gaiole, Chianti, Italy for L'Eroica: Plus Firenze, Siena, Grosseto

If you get a few minutes, please take a look at some bicycling, touring and vintage bike photos of Italy from Dale Brown at Cycles de Oro. There are lots of nice photos of the buildings, streets, people, and of course, classic bikes of Italy! Thanks for sharing, Dale! You're making us really jealous of your time in Italia. I just wish I could hear the narration that goes with this slideshow, because I know Dale has tons of great stories.

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Test of Image Tags: My Goofy Fixed-Gear Funnybike

This is a test of using an IMG tag to include a photo in a post.

I have a fixed-gear bike that began as my younger sister's Raleigh Record, which she got in 1973 when she was 10 years old.

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Cirque du Cyclisme 2007 Photos

Thanks to Dale at Cycles de Oro's welcoming ways, I showed up on skates for a couple of the Cirque du Cyclisme rides and had the pleasure of seeing lots of classic bikes and the people who love them. Timv was there on his classic bikes, and eebee joined in on Saturday for the leisurely tour of Greensboro.

Please check out my 290 photos from the Cirque du Cyclisme 2007:

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Fix Your Bike, Even If It Ain't Broke

Not a bad article in this past weekend's Washington Post about converting a road bike to fixed gearing. If you've never tried it, riding a bike that doesn't coast and that only has one gear is more fun than you might guess.

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