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Bont's Semi Race skates

So after a nasty spill in mid Marchl I suddenly find myself in need of new raceboots.  Once again the mounting area has been damaged beyond repair.  This being the third pair of skates in a row where either a frame or boot issue has been damaged in the back mount.

So as I perused the Skates i see a new style of boot, a 3 point mounting system.  Well thinking in mathmatical terms the amount of tourqe would be reduced to the mount by 17% by moving to a 3 point system.  "What the hell" I say to myself.

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Bont Semi-Race and Apache Speed Skates Inline Skates Rollerblades on eBay

I just saw an email search result that seems like a good starting price on eBay. Paste this next line into a search on eBay (use the eBay search box on this page any time you want to help support roadskater.net's operating costs) and even if the current item has ended they might have relisted...the title I saw was:

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