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Roadskater.net 2012 Inline Skating (Rollerblading) and Cycling (Bike) Jersey Order Form Link

Here's a quick link to the jersey order form...deadline approaching soon...


The Roadskater.net jerseys are available in club fit & women's fit, with short-sleeves or sleeveless, in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and magenta, plus the 2012 Mystery Color! 

Orders are complete for summer, but if you would be interested in ordering now or over the winter, please send a note to jerseys at this website name. Or if you're brave and agressive, put it in the cart and I will contact you about options or a refund! 


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Order Your Favorite Roadskater.net Colors in the Latest Styles: Inline Skating & Cycling Jerseys in OMG Classic and WTF Women's

UPDATE 2010.11.24:

  • THE 2010 Special Reprint Jersey MADE MINIMUMS AND IS A GO.
  • Orders are OPEN AGAIN and the new Final Final Deadline to order is DECEMBER 3, 2010 AT NOON EST. Delivery does not need to be any later to get this extra time. I just have to get the details to the production staff ahead of the order date.
  • Everyone is welcome to order.



Get Roadskater.net Skating and Cycling Jerseys in the Colors and Styles You Want:

No Mystery.



Earth and Beyond
United States
40° 44' 47.184" N, 73° 50' 42.7596" W
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Order Your New 2008 Roadskater.net Inline Skating and Cycling Jersey

You don't have to be a member to order a jersey. You don't have to order a jersey to be on the team, but...the order deadline is now extended for preorders to 9 a.m. EDT (6 a.m. PDT) Thursday July 17, 2008. After that, the price may be higher for any extras on hand. Celebrate roadskating with skateylove, and share the road on your skates or bike for charity in your Roadskater.net jersey!


Tour to Tanglewood Day 1 Start/Day 2 Finish Volvo Trucks NA
7900 National Service Rd
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 4' 55.1316" N, 79° 58' 1.1784" W
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