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A 3,500 Calorie Deficit to Lose a Pound of What, Exactly?: Cutting Back Calories Carefully to Lose Fat Instead of Muscle

Roadskater posed the question briefly during one of our recent Silver Comet Trail skates: "What's that calorie-per-pound number again?". I believed I knew the subject well until I started to try to talk about it, whereby I realized the 3,500 number pertains only to fat loss. So I made a note to revisit an article I had read by Tom Venuto, on fitwatch.com. 

Venuto refers to a study by Dr. Kevin Hall (an 'investigator' at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD) published in the International Journal of Obesity sometime in 2008, researching the 'mechanisms regulating human body weight'.  

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Eleven Fluffy Reasons to Sort of Consider These Seven Dorky Sports: Inline Skating Beats Hula Hooping

OK I made the 11 number up, and it is just to mock all the titles on health.com and so many websites, including this one sometimes, ha!

Did I say dorky? Why yes, I did, but I only meant that this is how rowlurblayding (rollerblading for you search engines out there) is presented in the little media coverage we get (except maybe that for the Northshore Inline Marathon, which seems to get great, serious, fun stories each year).

Here's a little fluff mentioned on the Pegasus Flyers inline skating (roadskating) list:

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Calculating Calories Burned Hiking up Stone Mountain, Georgia

Some of you may remember me last year hashing to death the subject of 'calories burned per activity'. Well I'm still ruminating on it about once a month.

Interestingly enough while climbing the 700 or so feet up Georgia's granite lump, Stone Mountain, I was gasping for breath at the steeper section near the top. Feeling like I had just skated the US10K classic, I went to check my heart rate, expecting to see 168 or even over 170. Big shock: it was a mere 152 bpm!


United States
33° 48' 15.3864" N, 84° 8' 46.0752" W
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Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Heart Rate Monitor has a Useless Calorie Counting Feature

If you're in the market for a heart rate monitor and place great value on the calorie counter function, I would not recommend you buy a Garmin Forerunner 305.

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