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More Thoughts on Inline Skating Speed Boots and Frames

Blake has posted the advice that he offered to someone who asked for help buying her first speed boots, so I guess that I could do likewise:

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Easy Voting Inline Skating (Rollerblading) and Cycling (Biking) Polls

Here's a book style collection of several polls that I put together for easy flip-through voting. I hope you enjoy the polls and if you have ideas for more, please use the create/feedback form to send me your thoughts! I'm republishing this so it will show up on the main page, rather than have each poll show up. Each time I add a poll I hope to remember to let you know through this message. The newest polls are:

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Tour to Tanglewood Beginner Ride Photos

We had a great time inline skating with the cyclists at the Tour to Tanglewood Beginner's Ride (the 3rd in a series, I think) at Spencer Love Tennis Center in Jaycee Park in Greensboro. We did about 10 miles up to Air Harbor Rd. and Bass Chapel Rd., making our way back on Lawndale, up the hill by the Food Lion (formerly the Winn Dixie) and back via Country Park.

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Don't Fear the Sweeper: The Fine Art of No-Drop Rides and Skates

We roadskaters have at times had social skates at Country Park and elsewhere (NYC Central Park in Manhattan, Philly, Miami, DC). These events are great fun but it is always hard for us to find a true sweep who doesn't mind being at the back. In Manhattan, I have fond memories of a man a bit older than even myself who rode his bike quite happily at the back of several hundred skaters. He was always smiling, wearing his Aqueduct tee, with his nice easy way.

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Try InlineNC Inline Skating (Rollerblading) Email Group

RSN2 is not for everybody, obviously, and I just wanted to mention that wherever you are in the world, if you prefer the semi-private atmosphere of an email group, you might check out my InlineNC Yahoo! group. We're up to 266 members now, and while the level of posting varies throughout the year, it's almost always about skating (events, equipment, technique, travel, training, charity, more). Members get access to the archive, which is a glorious attic of treasures from our collective past, filled with tips and tricks and tales of woe and inspiration.

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Does being a Brave Soldier help road rash?

I was browsing a list of products on the Bike Nashbar website and something called "Brave Soldier First Defense" caught my eye. Blurb says that it was "originally designed to treat road rash at bikes races," and that it "cleanses and removes debris with a powerful, yet soothing antiseptic wash that doesn’t sting."

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Eddy Matzger Roadshow Inline Speed Workshop Greensboro NC April 6-8 2007

2007.04.06 6:00 pm
2007.04.08 6:00 pm
We'll be having a Greensboro Eddy Matzger Roadshow Inline Speed Workshop this Easter weekend, April 6-8. I hope that you'll come and have some bunny weekend fun with us while getting a serious workout with some great dryland and skateland drills.
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Tour to Tanglewood 2005 Awards Ceremony

Here's my report from the 2005 Tour to Tanglewood Awards Ceremony, which I hope will inspire us, now that the skating and cycling for 2006's Tour is done, to look at what we can do from now until our donations are due.

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Give for MS

Please give to the people who help the people with Multiple Sclerosis. If not here, somewhere. To give to the 2006 Tour to Tanglewood Roadskater.net Team, please visit the pages below and pick someone, especially someone with under $200 in donations, but anyone on the team.

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Picking Skating Cycling Jersey Colors and Design Elements

I gave the first hints of the secret color in..."Sunlight on Leaves to Go with Late Day Sky Through Thin Cloud"


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