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Bicylists and Pedestrians and Skaters Please Take the America Bikes Coalition Survey

This post is based on an announcement from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) passed along by a local Bicycling in Greensboro representative to the North Carolina Active Transportation Association. I added some links and explanations below.

Please go to the link below now (at least before Oct 1) and complete the survey. Not all of it is aimed at us of course:

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Name Survey: North Carolina Walk Roll Human Powered Transportation Alternatives Bike Group

Here are the results of the second name survey for the NC Walk & Roll Human-Powered Transportation Alternatives Bike/Walk Group or whatever it is to be called. I was happy to see Walk & Roll and other inclusive names do so well. I had thought there would be more votes overall, but everyone had a chance to vote, so there it is. 

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North Carolina Bicycling Pedestrian Maybe Human-Powered Transportation Inline Skating Transportation Alternatives Meeting

2007.10.26 1:30 pm
2007.10.26 5:00 pm

This is potentially a huge week for walkers, cyclists, skaters and other lovers of human-powered transportation, whether you are from North Carolina or just visit here for leisure activities, or even to raise money for the good folk of North Carolina and the rest of the world who have Multiple Sclerosis, or for other great causes.


Greensboro Jaycees Building
401 North Greene Street
Greensboro, North Carolina 27401
United States
36° 4' 38.2728" N, 79° 47' 28.6692" W
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Letter to the North Carolina Bicycle Pedestrian Advocacy Group

Hi to all:

I'm the "inline skater" that suggested Walk'n'Roll NC (or Walk&Roll NC with a big fat sexy ampersand). I also have skin, breathe, walk, drive, eat, sleep, and much more.

To those brave enough to speak against inline skaters being included in the NC Bike Ped coalition or whatever your current name, thanks for saying what you're thinking. I'd rather deal with open discrimination than secrets and lies. Thanks for your courage. I'm sure many agree with you.

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