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TV Weather Men and Weather Women and Global Dumbing

Finally someone said it in print. I don't claim to know the truth about anything, but I know how I feel, sometimes.

Recalling the movies, Network and Broadcast News and after recent viewings of An Inconvenient Truth and The Fog of War, it's not hard to notice how our television weather anchors are literally oxymoronically dead weight fluff (most of them), avoiding any weather issues other than the 3-degree guarantee. Of course they are just the break between advertisements, so what do we expect?

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InlineCafe: Storm in a Teacup, Hail, Lightning, Tornadoes, El Niño

Exciting stuff! This fun NASA article by Dr. Tony Phillips, highlights a 3 year study performed by the National Space Science & Technology Center in Huntsville, AL, about the correlation between lightning formation and ice content of clouds. Not a new theory, but I don't think it had been tested before.

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