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weather (wx)

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Go On! Get Your Clouds On! Send in the Clouds! Skaters Should be in the Cloud Appreciation Society and More

Time for something off the sky. While looking for top ten items to include on the rest stop favorite foods survey, I ran across a great set of photos of and discussion about clouds. It mentioned the Cloud Appreciation Society. I want to be part of that! Here comes another Roadskater.net subteam! Here's that top ten cloud thing...


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Hurricane Irene: Cone of Uncertainty, Hurricane Tracker, Storm Surge

I feel compelled to air some thoughts about the current hurricane threat, and to throw in some useful links. I'm sure anybody in the path of Hurricane Irene knows  where to go for the latest satellite, radar and projections. I'm hoping they are also giving a great deal of thought to a Storm Plan, in case things get rough. 

Of interest with Hurricane Irene are the Northeast States, if only for their dense populations. As with NOAA's SPC and the deadly Missouri-Alabama-Tennessee tornado outbreak in April this year, the NOAA National Hurricane Center has been pretty sure about this particular storm's trajectory now for the past 3 days. Perhaps that's the nature of the East Coast storms, as opposed to those in the Gulf of Mexico. It seems to be clear to those monitoring the tropics by the time a storm has approached the Bahamas, as to whether it's going to head out to sea, or make for the US coast. 

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Strange weather today: Cold and rainy in the morning, clear and sunny in mid-afternoon, and then a dark and mean-looking line of clouds rolled in just after 5 pm as I was walking across campus. I would have thought a thunderstorm was coming in the summer, but didn't know whether to expect rain or snow this time of year and in this particular (and peculiar) year. We got neither of those:

(Cribbed without shame from Wikipedia.)

Graupel. Not to be confused with Hail or Ice pellets.


1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, North Carolina 27401
United States
36° 4' 18.6564" N, 79° 46' 40.6236" W
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Non-Tropical Low Pressure System "Invest 94L" Brings a Wet Couple of Days to the Carolinas

Well Hurricane Hanna didn't really do too much as I recall, other than dump some rain and cancel Saturday morning's festivities at T2T. From my perspective, the current unnamed storm (well it's called "Invest 94L" as far as I can tell, Invest being short for Investigate, apparently; more confusingly it seems there was an Invest 94L that became Hurricane Gustav, but this spinner may not even get a name). See, I don't really know what I'm talking about, but it's the weather so it's usually OK, and I can learn as I go, maybe...we'll see).


Invest 94L location at one point Florence , South Carolina
United States
34° 11' 1.5252" N, 79° 46' 45.7212" W
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Leighton, Alabama: S&M Equipment Company Security Camera Catches Tornado Video


S & M Equipment Co
835 Shaw Rd
Leighton, Alabama
United States
34° 46' 7.2876" N, 87° 31' 44.7816" W
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Rideau Canal Skateway Ottawa Canada to Open Soon

Climate change or not, those crazywonderful Canadians have been trying to get the canal ready for skating at least by their upcoming Winterlude festival on February 2. I love any article that says...

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TV Weather Men and Weather Women and Global Dumbing

Finally someone said it in print. I don't claim to know the truth about anything, but I know how I feel, sometimes.

Recalling the movies, Network and Broadcast News and after recent viewings of An Inconvenient Truth and The Fog of War, it's not hard to notice how our television weather anchors are literally oxymoronically dead weight fluff (most of them), avoiding any weather issues other than the 3-degree guarantee. Of course they are just the break between advertisements, so what do we expect?

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InlineCafe: Storm in a Teacup, Hail, Lightning, Tornadoes, El Niño

Exciting stuff! This fun NASA article by Dr. Tony Phillips, highlights a 3 year study performed by the National Space Science & Technology Center in Huntsville, AL, about the correlation between lightning formation and ice content of clouds. Not a new theory, but I don't think it had been tested before.

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Historical Weather Data Greensboro September 9 and 10 T2T 2006

Bethany asked about the weather for the Tour to Tanglewood on September 9 and 10 this year.

Since I have more faith in historical data than prediction this far ahead, I looked it up on the weatherunderground.com site.

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Useful 48-Hour Weather Data Links

Today's weather reminded me of a couple of links I use regularly to look back at weather conditions after an event or workout. Sometimes I even save the image in an email or in my notes about the event.

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