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Tour de Youth 2 Bike Ride Inline Skate May 30 2009 High Point NC

This is year two for the Tour de Youth in High Point. The fee is reasonable at $25 ($30 day of event). This is to raise money for a youth mission trip to Tennessee to help with "building restoration, yard work, and community activities." With lunch and door prizes, it's an affordable way to get support for 20-mile, 30-mile and 50-mile routes. I haven't asked about skilled skaters doing the event, so here's contact info if you don't feel good showing up to skate without asking first... http://www.sportoften.com/events/eventDetails.cfm?pEventId=3987
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Relay for life - May 15 2009, Sawgrass, Florida

One of our local skaters - Don Patton - recently lost his mother to cancer and in memory of her and to raise money for cancer he entered a team in the local

"Relay for life".

The team - at time being 7 skaters from Central Florida, will skate all night long and both get a great time with friends and at the same time raise money for cancer research.

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Skate for LIfe Fundraiser for Josh Zalunardo, Brain Stem Glioma

I received an email today from Stacey White, part of GT speed team, who is sponsoring the Marathon through the gardens in GA next month. They are involved in a fundraiser to help out Joshua Zalunardo, who was diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma, a life threatening for of cancer. I know a lot of people on this site support many worthwhile causes and thought I would pass this on. Our money and time goes to help someone and we get to have fun doing it.

I have pasted the contents of her email with all the pertinant info...

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Asking Friends for Donations for Charity Bike and Skate Events

In the topic remembering Sheldon Brown, eebee makes some good comments about raising money for charity ride events and feeling some awkwardness about asking others to contribute.

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Tour to Tanglewood Roadskater.net Update August 27 2007

Hi all. Life takes over sometimes, eh? Well with a little less than 3 weeks to go before Tour to Tanglewood 2007 we heard that 1300 riders and skaters are registered already. As for our team, we are up to 24 members with more surely about to sign up. Some of us even have some contributions turned in, and we have two clear leaders in the contest. This includes just items turned in to the website or office already, and is not indicative of donations many have received directly. Still to give some kudos and encouragement, here are the donations we have so far on the website:

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