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A Liberating Nutritional Program for Athletes (Diet Exercise Weight Loss)

I hesitate to use the four-letter word 'diet' here, as that connotates restriction, sacrifice and misery. I also hesitate to call myself an athlete! However, in this bodyweight equation and given the unusually high number of skate-training hours, let the athlete = EB.

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Bonking on purpose?

I read an article in Triathlete magazine (and then spent several days looking for it again ;-) )  I couldn't find the exact article but here is one which references the same research on active.com:

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During my (running) marathon training I have become quite interested in nutrition. I am talking about general nutrition more than what to eat during extended periods of exercise – that is getting enough calories into me to sustain the long runs and fuel the adequate muscle recoveries (before doing it all over again!) without eating high fat or inadvertently putting on a whole bunch of weight.

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Hyponatremia Rears its Ugly Head in Global News

If you haven't heard already, 28 year old Mother of 3, Jennifer Lea Strange, died of hyponatremia earlier this week a few hours after drinking nearly two gallons of water, in an attempt to win a Wii for her children. This was part of a morning radio show competition in Sacramento. Words fail me in describing this tragedy. The lengths radio shows will go to for ratings. 10 employees, including the radio show hosts, have been fired as a result.

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The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and Marathon Training

This post is partly for people out there on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) who want to find out more about getting sufficient and efficient carbs for marathon, or extremely long-distance training and events. This means no sugar, wheat, gluten, grains, corn, or potatoes. I put "marathon" in the title for the benefit of any SCD runners who might stumble across this. Obviously what I'm gearing up for, the 87 mile Athens to Atlanta Roadskate, is three and one third times marathon distance. A Google search didn't turn up anything useful for marathon training and SCD. So I thought I'd put my experience out there for anybody else searching.

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Skating Supplements

So...  I had a doctor's appointment today for an ongoing anemia issue.  (More on that in the next post...)  She knows I do a lot of endurance skating and has asked me before if I take any supplements...  We talked about it again today, and I told her again that I don't take anything.  We also talked about diet in general, and what I eat during events as well...  (She asked if I ate the sport gels, which I said yes, and then asked what was in them...  Yadda yadda yadda...)

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