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Why One Guy Thinks His Son Should Not Wear a Helmet When Sledding...Not Sure About Other Sports

It's the helmet debate. I read this article to see if my thoughts might be changed. They were not. My thoughts are not based on numbers, but on my increasing belief over the years based on my experiences, mainly my failures if you'd like to think of them that way, but I think they were accidents far less under my control than I believed only seconds before, all in apparently very safe conditions. This doesn't make me right, but it makes me convinced. 

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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb Safety and Disposal Tips Video

Here's a quick video I found regarding what to do with good bulbs gone bad. I had noted that compact fluorescent light bulbs are marked as containing mercury, Hg. I wondered what to do if the glass part of a CFL (compact fluorescent light bulb) breaks. Apparently you shouldn't use the vaccuum or even sweep to get the materials up. First, open a window and leave the house for fifteen minutes, then use a stiff card and/or sticky tape as shown in the video. Wow. Well I hope I can remember this. CFLs seem to be worthy even with this mercury hazard, as shown in some of the following links...
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Report: 3rd Annual Tour de Tammy 2008 Bike Ride Inline Skate


Tammy Wilson was a young Mother and hardworking Guilford County paramedic who passed away from cancer in 2006. The Tour de Tammy bike ride fundraiser was set up to help support Tammy's children, as well as other children of fallen paramedics.



United States
36° 0' 6.2784" N, 79° 54' 53.0604" W
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Helmets couldn't be more important (Snowboard Skateboard Skate Bike)

This week I've had the pleasure of meeting a distant in-law family from Italy. They are here to see how Duke Med. Ctr. can help their son Evan. Evan is now 24. When he was 21 he took a nasty snowboard spill, struck his head, had a headache but finished the day on the slopes. Days later the headache persisted but was starting to subside so his father Salvatore took him to the local hospital. After some brief testing he was advised to take it easy, take some pain meds, and come back if it didn't fully subside.


Duke University Medical Center
2301 Erwin Road
Durham, North Carolina 27710
United States
36° 0' 27.6552" N, 78° 56' 15.5688" W
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Is Portland, Oregeon Bike City USA? Visit and Spend Money to Thank Them!

Strangely enough, I have something from the New York Times as well.

You know that sick feeling you get when a driver passes you (especially while you are skating or cycling) just before a turn with a right blinker on? It's a killer...a "right hook," some call it.


Portland, Oregon
United States
45° 31' 23.1456" N, 122° 40' 13.0512" W
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Exercising Outdoors Alone: Should I Skate with a Gun? The Meredith Emerson Case

Great - now I have another excuse aside from exhaustion or the weather as to why I shouldn't skate in the evenings after work...the danger in skating, walking, running alone on a park trail.


Blood Mountain Georgia
United States
34° 44' 23.2044" N, 83° 56' 12.912" W
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Question about Inline Speed Skate Wheel Wobble

I am hoping someone can help me solve a major dilemma. I have noticed some of my wheels have developed a severe wobble. It doesn't matter which location I put them on the frame they still wobble. I checked the frames out today and the axles are all inline, surprisingly very much more than I would have thought. So i have ruled out a bent frame. I align my frame with the heel being centered underneath my heel and the front of the frame coming out between my big toe and second toe. This ligns up with a lot of the articles I have read on frame alignment, so I think it is pretty close.

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USA CPSC and Specialized Recall Model 2D Skate/Bike Helmet (Bicycling/Inline Skating)

If you've seen that Specialized helmet that looks like is has a shark's mouth on the front, you may want to mention to the person who owns it that they should consider getting a free refund or replacement from the company, and that even if they don't do that, to seriously consider not using it any more.

If you don't know what helmet I mean by my description, check for the model 2D written on the rear contours above the ZED in SPECIALIZED. This item is from fuzidave on the Pegasus list and thanks to him for that.

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Keeping Greensboro Country Park (or Any) Fun, Safe & Open to Bikers & Skaters

Dale Brown of Cycles de Oro posted some comments about riding safely in Greensboro Country Park after hearing some complaints relayed by Parks and Recreation. Let me add my thoughts and include cycling, inline skating, skateboarding and running. Any time you're faster than others, they need your help with safety. And any time you're in a smaller group, it's a good idea to strive to be worthy of the good will and respect of the larger one, in my view.

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