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eebee's picture

Road Rash!

Road Rash!Forgetting to bring your knee and elbow pads to the workshop + getting tired on Sunday afternoon = ripped clothes and skin peelings on the pavement!
eebee's picture

Failure: Do or do not, There is no Try

Let's hear it for failing spectacularly.

MikeB's picture

Calling All "Road Rash" Wound Care Healing Treatment Techs: Any Personal Tips?

Spills are gonna happen, and severities will differ greatly especially depending on the chosen safety gear (or lack thereof). Skaters need to be prepared and have a plan of action to limit discomfort and down time. Maybe you've heard some good ideas or perhaps you're a certified specialist......in any event - what are your tips, and your healing secrets?

roadskater's picture

Astana Accepted into Vuelta Without 2006 Winner Alexandre Vinokourov

Astana is taking August off, they said, but that doesn't keep them from starting September in Spain, it seems. This photo is pretty impressive. Yowee that hurts. It is a shame that amazing feats are cheapened by some of the very ones who achieve them. I admire the struggle through great pain, because I've done that one, and finished way back. And if we don't quit, we get off the couch, out of the bed, and onto the road again, that's something. We beat everyone who doesn't start, at least.

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