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The Secret to Weight Loss and Maintaining Your Target Weight

Whilst snooping around the personal finance and get-out-of-debt blogs, I tapped into the personal weight-loss blogs. In following the ADHD links to the maze of other such webpages, I found some funny blog titles, like "Over 40, in debt and overweight". Yes, in 2007 there are countless people still struggling in vain to lose excess weight. They all seem to believe that food deprivation and other people's idea of exercise are the only solutions. Will this hopelessly cruel and debilitating cycle ever end?

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A Liberating Nutritional Program for Athletes (Diet Exercise Weight Loss)

I hesitate to use the four-letter word 'diet' here, as that connotates restriction, sacrifice and misery. I also hesitate to call myself an athlete! However, in this bodyweight equation and given the unusually high number of skate-training hours, let the athlete = EB.

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Argh! You're not fat - you have 'metabolic syndrome'

Well, the latest attack against personal responsibility is underway...  Now the pharmaceutical companies have coined a new 'illness' for doctors to diagnose:  'metabolic syndrome'...  I guess calling people fat doesn't sell as many pills...

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Injury, weight update

Well, I've mentioned a couple injuries in my recent blog entries, so I thought I would post an update...  First, the crash I had during a training skate that led to the Tegaderm experiment...

At first, I was relatively unimpressed with the Tegaderm.  It didn't really seem to be staying in place as well as I thought it should.  (I wanted that wound to be hermetically sealed!)  Of cours,e part of this was my own fault -- I think the Bactine left a bit of a film on the surrounding healthy skin that prevented the Tegaderm from sticking very well.  (Combine that with the hair, and it really didn't stick well at all.)  I also had wrapped that leg with a self-adhering bandage (the kind that allegedly only sticks to itself).  Well, that stuck just enough to the Tegaderm to make it shift on occasion.  So after a couple days, I removed the Tegaderm, cleaned the wound again with soap in the shower, and let it air dry for a good 20 minutes.  The Tegaderm stuck much better... This time, I used a foam "pre wrap" (like what someone would use under sports tape to keep it from ripping the hair off when you removed it) to wrap around te leg -- after verifying that it would not stick at all to the tegaderm of course!  That worked MUCH better...  Although the foam wrap was probably not necessary...  After a few days, I stopped using the foam and just had the Tegaderm on there.  The extra padding was largely unnecessary by that point.  After 10 days it was prtty much healed over with new (very sensitive) skin.  I decided to keep the tegaderm on until after Northshore, just in case of a crash (having a tiny bit of protection there.)  By then, it was a little annoying because it was itchy...  But the Tegaderm is gone now, and I'd say the roadrash is 95% healed.

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Mark's Skweight Management

Okay, I just thought I'd consolidate some of the information I have in various places, and add a bit to it here, regarding my recent diet... Back on March 1st, I decided enough was enough after gaining about 30 pounds from the previous summer. About 10 of that was gained before the end of the skating season, and the other 20 pounds were afterward. I attribute much of that to moving, and having my schedule all screwed up for about 6 months. (3 months living with a friend after selling my old house & before closing on the new house... Then 3 months of unpacking and getting settled in the new house...)

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Body fat % -- how low is too low?

So I was measuring my body fat with my calipers this morning and it came out to 6.2%...  It varies a little day to day, so I'd say a conservative estimate is maybe around 6.5%.  The last couple weeks have seen it drop a little, where it had seemed to stabilize around 7% for at least a month, maybe more.

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Skating and weight loss

I just thought I would share some of my thoughts regarding dieting and skating, since I seem to go through this alot... For the past several years, I've been caught in a bit of a cycle where I put on quite a bit of weight over the winter (20-30 pounds) and then spend several months in the spring trying to work it off, only to put it on again the following winter. In 2005, I vowed that it would not happen that year, but I ended up moving and that threw off my exercise routine for many months, during which time I put on my winter weight, as usual...

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