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back pain

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Confession is Good for the Soul

Every good Catholic knows that confession is good for the soul. Before I take any more credit for the succes in my weight-loss journey, I must stop and share a secret. I've been working with a personal trainer since Day No. 1 of this journey. The first day, which ended with my talking myself out of working out by about 2 p.m., included a phone call to my local gym and setting an appointment to work out with a personal trainer.


Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 4' 21.486" N, 79° 47' 31.11" W
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Ironman, the Melodrama: A Diabetic Brother, Oprah Winfrey, a Herniated Disc & an Ironman Challenge

A few distant friends asked why I quit inline racing. To make a short story long, below is the answer.

Ironman the Journey

I looked at the freshly opened gel pack: is it gonna make me puke or save me from meltdown? My lower back ached at mile 7. 19.2 miles go to. This Ironman thing was hard.

"Midlife Crisis. I can't afford a Porsche."

"Lost a bet."

"Can't find Tour de France on active.com."

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