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Sports Medicine: Science or Celebrity

I'm not sure about access to this article for everyone, but the New York Times had an interesting piece on sports medicine, a booming segment of health care, and one in which roadskaters and roadcyclists are definitely interested. But how do we know there's real science behind the treatments and techniques on offer? The article is interesting on multiple levels, since the author received one of the treatments and wrote about it in an earlier article referenced within.

Fortunately, some people out there are trying to do the follow-up, but most of us wanna be like mike or whatever, so we are susceptible to celebrity ads or buzz. Anyway, not much to say, except this article seems worth a read as background for life on the road. I"m interested in others' thoughts and experiences. I'm certainly not saying that sports medicine has nothing to offer, but like most things that involve hope and money, it's hard to know what's real. 

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Lance Armstrong Crashes at Castilla y León; Breaks Collarbone, Abandons, Leaves in Ambulance; Sobrino Wins Stage 1

Lance Armstrong has crashed at the Vuelta Ciclista Castilla y León and retired from the race, leaving the scene by ambulance. It has been confirmed as a collarbone injury. I was unable to get video going today, so I didn't see it, but I'll post video links if I find any (not of the crash in particular). I'll update as I know more. Armstrong was there with Astana Cycling, Alberto Contador and Levi Leipheimer. It was the first time all three cyclists were to be racing together as a team.


Paredes de Nava
42° 9' 10.6956" N, 4° 41' 39.66" W
41° 56' 13.7976" N, 4° 14' 44.988" W
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Carolina Century Inline Skate Bike Ride 2008 Report: 102 Leaf-Catching Miles

It's an idiotic compulsion of mine to buy new speedskate boots and skate 102 miles on them three weeks later. I love it so much I've done it twice: once in 2003 at Cruisin' in the Country in Claxton, Georgia, and once this past weekend in the smooth Piedmont of North Carolina at the first-ever Carolina Century to benefit MS. Other than earning myself a nice set of double-ankle-bones, I had an easier time skating for 10 hours than I had anticipated.

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Get Well APRR Chuck (Atlanta Inline Skater Hits the Road)

Yo APRR Chuck. We heard you took a fall (via email) just as we were telling cyclists at the Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries to watch for you at Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG). Hope you are doing well. Tell us stories of the day if and when you are willing and able! Skateylove amigo and I hope those red high heels (the Bont Semis) are OK too! If you have the Geo coordinates of your fall (I KNOW you do, along with speed and heading) we'll put a pin on the map for your tumble as part of this article. Take care...roadskater


United States
33° 48' 10.3896" N, 84° 14' 58.1064" W
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Helmets couldn't be more important (Snowboard Skateboard Skate Bike)

This week I've had the pleasure of meeting a distant in-law family from Italy. They are here to see how Duke Med. Ctr. can help their son Evan. Evan is now 24. When he was 21 he took a nasty snowboard spill, struck his head, had a headache but finished the day on the slopes. Days later the headache persisted but was starting to subside so his father Salvatore took him to the local hospital. After some brief testing he was advised to take it easy, take some pain meds, and come back if it didn't fully subside.


Duke University Medical Center
2301 Erwin Road
Durham, North Carolina 27710
United States
36° 0' 27.6552" N, 78° 56' 15.5688" W
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