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Roadskubuntu 64 Out for a Spin on the Slow, Crowded Internet Onramp with a $215 AMD 64 X2 Vista 32 Ubuntu 64 Box

Well after many months of running on empty on an overused underpowered system, Roadskater.net is rolling on the same slow road to the internet highway but with a faster machine...a dual-core amd cpu (not blazing, just 2.2 GHz or so), lots of hard drive space, and 3 gig of DDR-2 800 RAM (waiting to go to 8G soon). I'm not sure if this kit is a bit overclocked but my memtest reports moving faster than claimed. Anyway this whole kit (3G RAM version) ended up at $215 pre-tax as a demo sale so cross thy fingerettes me skateys.
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New Version of Microsoft Office Alternative OpenOffice.org 3.0 Available Now

Hi everyone. I was taking the day to work on obligations, but distractions took over! OpenOffice version 3.0 is now available free as always from... http://openoffice.org If you like to use a BitTorrent client instead, check this out... http://borft.student.utwente.nl/%7Emike/oo/index2.html
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MySQL Error 1067 InnoDB Privilege Tables host.MYD Not Found Fix Plus ib_logfile0 Log File Different Size

I was working along on a MySQL project for a skater who has a software business, and things were going well. I went off to work on other projects and to clean some files up on my server, backup and development pc drives, all Windows XP gear, then knocked off for zzz time.

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Geocoding Photos: New Fun for Roadskate Reports

I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert here, but the subject of geocoding photographs caught my attention and it seems like something that could be a really natural fit with what folks here are doing. Maybe the links and things I have to share will be helpful to someone, and (perhaps more likely) maybe someone here is actually doing this already and could explain it further to me.

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