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Some New Roadskater.net Website Stuff

So I've been busy working on some background stuff for Roadskater.net and I thought Solstice was a good time to unveil some of it. This is just a perhaps brief update. 

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Roadskater.Net Light as We Upgrade and Reconfigure

Well life was too good so I complicated it by working on doing major upgrades to the Roadskater.net (rsn1.net and rsn2.com). Here are a few things of note:

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RSN Update and Upgrade: Why Me, WYMeditor, CKEditor, FCKeditor, Disable Rich Text Crash, Autosave and More

If you've lost text you were writing in create/blog or create/events, especially when you clicked "Disable Rich Text" or "Enable Rich Text," my apologies! I've switched built-in editor code for the text areas from WYMeditor to CKEditor, so it will have a different look. Thanks to eebee and timv for signaling their loss of work as nicely as possible.

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