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Shop and Support Roadskater.net RSN2.com

Roadskater.net (RSN1.net and RSN2.com) is free. You don't have to pay anything to use the site, to join, to view the articles without joining, or to be part of our inline skating, cycling and charity exercise team. You don't have to buy a jersey that says Roadskater.net or anything else.

However, often people have wanted to know how to help, so here are a few ways. All are voluntary and are totally free to you, unless you decide to make a donation....

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Greensboro NC Eddy Matzger Roadshow Registration Open

The registration form is ready at http://skatecentral.com for the Greensboro Inline Speed Skating workshop now called the Eddy Matzger Roadshow, April 6-8, 2007.

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Tour to Tanglewood 2005 Awards Ceremony

Here's my report from the 2005 Tour to Tanglewood Awards Ceremony, which I hope will inspire us, now that the skating and cycling for 2006's Tour is done, to look at what we can do from now until our donations are due.

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Give for MS

Please give to the people who help the people with Multiple Sclerosis. If not here, somewhere. To give to the 2006 Tour to Tanglewood Roadskater.net Team, please visit the pages below and pick someone, especially someone with under $200 in donations, but anyone on the team.

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Picking Skating Cycling Jersey Colors and Design Elements

I gave the first hints of the secret color in..."Sunlight on Leaves to Go with Late Day Sky Through Thin Cloud"


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T2T 2006 Distances and MPH to Cutoff Times

Here are the revised distances as of Aug 28, 2006 for the Tour to Tanglewood: 

  • Total Main Route Day 1: 48.1
  • Century Route Day 1: 99.9
  • Total Route Day 2: 41.5  

Cutoff times are 10a, 12p, 2p and start times are 7:30a (century) and 8a.

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T2T 2006 Route Ratings for Skaters and Cyclists

Short version: Skip 1 and 2, do 3 as repeats until it closes. It's up to you, though, and if you want an epic challenge, this is the century for you!

Thanks to Tom for hanging around after the High Point training ride at Bicycle Toy & Hobby to drive Loop 1 and discuss a rating system for the roads. Basically it's A (pristine) through F (unskateable) with B (nice but not perfect), C (a bit rough but not overly painful), D (rough and likely painful), and E (grass could grow there but you can skate it). Something like that.

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Roadskater.net Team Photo and Tour to Tanglewood Start Times

The Roadskater.net Team Photo for Tour to Tanglewood 2006 will be at 7:15 am outside on the plaza outside registration at Volvo Trucks NA. Please be on time. Anyone planning on the Century will need to be ready to go immediately afterward to get as much head start as possible at 7:30 am.

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Hit Distribution Top 50 Percent for Roadskater.net RSN2.com

For those interested in the geographic distribution of visitors to roadskater.net, here is some recent data, which is not complete, probably not entirely accurate as to visitor location in every case, and definitely does not typically include Midnight to 6 a.m. Eastern Time, thus under-reporting Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, perhaps. Nevertheless, it may be interesting and inspiring to potential writers who know something about these areas, or for other reasons. In any case, I thought I'd share where just over 50% of the hits have come during two time periods.

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