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RSN2: Why no signature files?

Hi to all, and welcome to new members. I have been meaning to post about this issue for many weeks but have not done so.

I am looking to disable all signature files for the site and until then I will be manually deleting them. The reason for this is that unlike an email list where things vanish into the ether, this is a public website where we really don't need hundreds of copies of the same phrases, links, etc.

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Tour to Tanglewood 2006 Roadskater.net Photos

My photos from Tour to Tanglewood are up. See skaters from GA, NC, NJ, NY, MA, MI and TX, and the rolling north carolina hills:
http://roadskater. net/t2t2006/

The Roadskater.net team of 37 has $14,943 at this point, but our goal is $20,000. If you can us help someone with Multiple Sclerosis, please see:
http://roadskater. net/index. php?q=give- for-ms

Thank you!

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Tour to Tanglewood 2005 Awards Ceremony

Here's my report from the 2005 Tour to Tanglewood Awards Ceremony, which I hope will inspire us, now that the skating and cycling for 2006's Tour is done, to look at what we can do from now until our donations are due.

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Give for MS

Please give to the people who help the people with Multiple Sclerosis. If not here, somewhere. To give to the 2006 Tour to Tanglewood Roadskater.net Team, please visit the pages below and pick someone, especially someone with under $200 in donations, but anyone on the team.

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Picking Skating Cycling Jersey Colors and Design Elements

I gave the first hints of the secret color in..."Sunlight on Leaves to Go with Late Day Sky Through Thin Cloud"


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How to Get Your Paragraphs Back on Roadskater.net RSN2.com

Sometimes when writing in another program, or as I often do, writing in the Yahoo Mail Beta interface, then pasting over to RSN2.com, I will click Submit and look at the article and find the paragraphs have not come out properly. For those who have edit rights on their own articles, you can use a "Paste Special Unformatted" trick in Windows at least to get the formatting back. Internet Explorer doesn't let me do Paste Special Unformatted, so I use WordPad to strip the text:

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View Recent Posts and View Popular Content

I finally got a break to try to catch up on reading all the great stuff you writers have been posting and remembered a useful menu item:

View / Recent Posts

I want to improve this in a couple of ways, but for now it has new posts (ones you have not clicked) with a red "new" and new replies with "new." I plan to increase the number listed per page and perhaps to turn blue new to red new. I also would like to create a View / Unread Posts if I find the time.

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Hit Distribution Top 50 Percent for Roadskater.net RSN2.com

For those interested in the geographic distribution of visitors to roadskater.net, here is some recent data, which is not complete, probably not entirely accurate as to visitor location in every case, and definitely does not typically include Midnight to 6 a.m. Eastern Time, thus under-reporting Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, perhaps. Nevertheless, it may be interesting and inspiring to potential writers who know something about these areas, or for other reasons. In any case, I thought I'd share where just over 50% of the hits have come during two time periods.

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Recent Roadskater.net Visitor Locations Working Again

The right sidebar now includes 50 recent visitors' locations once again. This feature was broken (or rather, the service it was using was broken), and this was causing a long delay in RSN content. Thanks to Mark, Tim, Craig and Elizabeth for input on this issue.
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