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Dutch Win but USA Men Do Well in the ISU World Junior Speedskating Championships in Zakopane Poland. Outdoors! Beautiful! Photos

The ISU World Junior Speedskating Championships took place in Zakopane, Poland last weekend. Wow. This event like it would be amazing fun for participants. I'm not sure about spectators if they didn't like the cold. But look how beautiful it was there! Well a bit snowy some of the time for skating maybe? Who cares!

The event has a nice website with some good photos. If you have a minute to watch the video...do it.


Bronislawa Czecha 1
49° 17' 4.308" N, 19° 58' 13.0368" E
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China, South Korea, Netherlands Strong in Speed Skating at the Harbin World Winter Universiade (University Games) Photos

There's a whole lot of skating going on in Harbin (Haerbin) China. I've been following some of the stories and looking at photos this week, without a whole lot to say about it, since I don't know much about these young athletes. 

Here's one way to find some good stuff...




World Winter Universiade 2009 Harbin (Haerbin), Heilongjiang
45° 45' 7.0884" N, 126° 41' 49.11" E
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Yum! Lucky 32 Recipes Video Mardis Gras & More: Red Beans & Rice, Creole Sauce, Paneed Pork, White Chocolate Banana Bread Foster

OK. I used to eat at Lucky 32 often, maybe twice weekly sometimes, and I love how it's a nice place to go eat where you can dress up if you like, or not. I have always loved the decor and the graphics of their marketing. I get a real kick out of how they had fabric made for their upholstery that carries forth the L32 motif. That L32 logo is genius (you can see it at the bottom of this article).


Lucky 32 Greensboro NC
1421 Westover Terrace
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Phone: (336) 370-0707
36° 5' 26.8152" N, 79° 48' 52.2432" W
Lucky 32 Cary NC
7307 Tryon Road
Cary, North Carolina
United States
Phone: 919-233-1632
35° 44' 11.0472" N, 78° 47' 7.386" W
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Watch Tour of California 2009 Bike Race Pro Cycling Live Free Internet GPS Maps Standings Finish Times Course Profiles

Yes it will be live on Vs. network, but I don't get that, having given up cable vision (though I still have cable internet, hoping to ditch that for fiber optic). It appears there'll be live video (at least one stream) plus gps tracking and timing and placement info on the tracker section of the official site... http://tracker.amgentourofcalifornia.com/ This article is about the technology used for the official tracker site...


Sacramento, California
United States
38° 34' 25.1724" N, 121° 29' 13.7292" W
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Peace and Slimness Without Diets

Twenty years ago you may have seen the book with the catchy title "Dieting Makes You Fat", by Geoffrey Cannon and Hetty Einzig. Even though I was a skinny child and have never been morbidly obese, or even just obese, I have subjected myself and my loved ones to dieting hell.

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Promote Inline Skating & Cycling Like a Bacon Explosion

Have you heard of the Bacon Explosion? If so, how did you learn about it (really, post a reply if you feel up to it? For me, it was one of my favorite places, the "most-emailed" section of the New York Times website. But for many, it seems it started with Twitter, then was boosted by StumbleUpon and probably Digg.

You may be saying, "huh?"

OK. First of all, a Bacon Explosion is a food item, some would say, and a very pig-oriented one, as it is made of...

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Help How To Apache2 Server Access Log Lists Only IP Address (Every Line): Squid, Varnish or Other Reverse Proxy

Pulling through the trees of Ubuntu Server 8.10 (aka Intrepid Ibex), Memcache, Squid, Varnish, APC, PHP, Apache, MySQL and other LAMPmines, it's easy enough to miss a note here and there. One of those sour notes I hit continued unnoticed until I checked the server logs and every line began with, the local loopback address.

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Holiday Shopping Deals That Help Roadskater.net Too: Forerunner 305 for just $150, Much More

Some have asked if there's a way to help Roadskater.net other than donating money, and here is one that won't cost anything. In general, if you plan to buy anything on ebay.com or amazon.com, if you can visit roadskater.net and do the first search from the sidebar ebay and amazon search boxes, that helps (especially if you end up joining ebay and buying or selling something not long afterward).
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How to Report an Error (Mistake, Bug) in Google Maps Navteq or Teleatlus Data

While working on development of a route I have been using mapmyride.com and have found it very useful, but when it comes to a left off of Vernon Rd onto Sandy Cross Rd to get to the store at Sandy Cross (upon the location of which Google, Yahoo and Mapquest seem not to agree), everything goes hayougetoffomycloudwire. Part of the road is missing from the map overlay, but it's clearly visible in the satellite view (though in some sat views I can see the road blocks from some previous construction destruction.


United States
36° 21' 13.5936" N, 79° 45' 1.5948" W
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New Version of Microsoft Office Alternative OpenOffice.org 3.0 Available Now

Hi everyone. I was taking the day to work on obligations, but distractions took over! OpenOffice version 3.0 is now available free as always from... http://openoffice.org If you like to use a BitTorrent client instead, check this out... http://borft.student.utwente.nl/%7Emike/oo/index2.html
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