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NCAA 2008 Men's & Women's Basketball Tournament Bracket Groups Plus Free Live Video on Web

Hey I just set up a roadskater.net group on the nytimes.com NCAA men's basketball tournament bracket site. If you'd like to play along, join and fill out a bracket via this link...You'll need a NYTimes login which is free and many of you already have I'm sure...

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Bont Semi-Race and Apache Speed Skates Inline Skates Rollerblades on eBay

I just saw an email search result that seems like a good starting price on eBay. Paste this next line into a search on eBay (use the eBay search box on this page any time you want to help support roadskater.net's operating costs) and even if the current item has ended they might have relisted...the title I saw was:

NC Active Transportation Alliance Website


North Carolina
United States

Which do you think works best as the single publicized name for the alliance website? The North Carolina Active Transportation Alliance website is in the planning stages. This page lets you vote on domain names and comment on features you might like on the site in advance. Results are tallied by Borda Count, sometimes called "a consensus-based electoral system" where each choice gets a point for every choice ranked below it. Thus, with 9 choices, a 1st place vote gets 8 points. Please click the title for more info and to rank....

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Sheldon Brown Rolls On: The Bike World Celebrates His Web and Words

The world, the internet, cycling and the art of sharing lost a major force in the form of Sheldon Brown, whose work remains at SheldonBrown.com. He was an incredible resource of cycling knowledge. By all accounts he was also a man of good humor and skateylove (bikeylove) too. Many accounts tell of his helpfulness online, by email, and in person. Timv has mentioned Sheldon often to me in our various discussions, including where I might find out more about my 1980s Centurion bike, learn about fixies, and much more.


Newtonville, Massachusetts
United States
42° 21' 20.9088" N, 71° 12' 32.5188" W
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Great Free Public Radio Website NPR PRI APR BBC CBC C-SPAN TV Podcasts

When you're on the road, or even at the local wifi spot, sometimes you can't get the radio programs you are used to. WABE is a fine radio station, but it drives me crazy not to have some of the great programs WUNC and WFDD offer during the middle of the day. And sometimes you might want to follow events in, say, Iowa or New Hampshire (bless your pitiful heart), or Britain or Canada. Maybe you just want to hear some music flavored with curry. Maybe you're silly enough to seek out C-SPAN live over iptv! Maybe you miss University of Michigan TV?

Well for some time I've relied on

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Double Push Video

I just watched a video of a skater on a skatemill. What a lot of expensive fun! He can even see himself on the tv and check his technique.

This fella probably wasn't even trying and he makes it look easy. Great side-view and back-view for the purpose of pausing the clip where you need it, for many an ahah-moment.

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Photos of Vintage Bikes in Gaiole, Chianti, Italy for L'Eroica: Plus Firenze, Siena, Grosseto

If you get a few minutes, please take a look at some bicycling, touring and vintage bike photos of Italy from Dale Brown at Cycles de Oro. There are lots of nice photos of the buildings, streets, people, and of course, classic bikes of Italy! Thanks for sharing, Dale! You're making us really jealous of your time in Italia. I just wish I could hear the narration that goes with this slideshow, because I know Dale has tons of great stories.

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How to Post a Message on Roadskater.net

Someone asked how to post a message on Roadskater.net, so here's a brief explanation. Once you've registered for the site...all you have to do to post a message (questions, blogs about skating, or anything really) is sign in and look at the left column for 'create'. Hover your cursor over the grey arrow and go to 'blog' or 'forum topic'. Click on that and start typing! Look below for the 'submit' button, click it and you're done.

Happy A2A everyone :-)

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Rainy Berlin WIC Photo

What a great place for a finish line! With Berlin's Brandenburg Gate in the background, I'm assuming they're on Unter den Linden. Last time I was on that street there was a big, ugly wall cutting it in half - profanely colorful on one side (West) and stiflingly bland on the other (East). Good to see a previously fractured site now the setting for joyous play...or is it fierce battle? :-)

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Roadskater.net Tour to Tanglewood Team Gets Speedskateworld.com Skateylove

eebee pointed out that we got some more skateylove from Speedskateworld.com and they even lifted a photo of our team to show us off to their world. Peter Doucet does a great job of his own photos and videos, plus gathering links and creating content on his site, and he's surely a speedy skater too. I get lots of the same items in my news searches but Peter actually takes the time to write and share. Thanks!
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