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Roadskater.net Classic Inline Skating & Cycling Photos

This is a quick first hack at getting some 2007 photo links over to the new Roadskater.net from RSN Classic (rsn1.net). There will be much more later, and I won't even go into it all now. It's been "in the works" (meaning in my brain) for almost two years now. I don't want to do it until I can do it "right," and the way I want it to look.

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Domain Kiting and Tasting and Why a Good Name is Hard to Find

In addition to working on some T2T publicity and handling upgrades and drop outs on my computers and websites today, I had to drop over to GoDaddy.com to look at my domain registrations. One of Bob Parsons' blog entries caught my eye and I looked in on it and found an interesting paragraph:

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Tour de France 2007 Streaming Video Free TV & Heart Rate Monitoring

For those who don't have cable television but do have high-speed internet, here are some links that may (or may not) work for you to watch some worldwide television. Currently, of course, this is of interest because of the Tour de France. Look below for some links to the live data for GPS (location), power, heartrate and more. It's amazing to watch the video as the riders pass through a town and make a turn and to see this happen on the Google map while viewing HRM data.

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Three Hours of Sleep, Some Junior Hamburgers, Yahoo! Mail Crash, Let's Go Skate!

What a crazy day. After a meeting in the early morning, I came back to check on an order I was trying to fill for a company who needed several dozen Robin Safety Boy Emergency Scissors. Changes in shipping, locations, quantities and availability had me trying to juggle a combination of calls and emails.

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A Skate as a Child's Weapon; Volunteering as Abandonment

I found a nice piece of writing today, oddly enough, because it mentions a child using an inline skate as a weapon against other kids. I opened the article, An Island in Costa Rica, by Tara Swords, to see the full context: 

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Try InlineNC Inline Skating (Rollerblading) Email Group

RSN2 is not for everybody, obviously, and I just wanted to mention that wherever you are in the world, if you prefer the semi-private atmosphere of an email group, you might check out my InlineNC Yahoo! group. We're up to 266 members now, and while the level of posting varies throughout the year, it's almost always about skating (events, equipment, technique, travel, training, charity, more). Members get access to the archive, which is a glorious attic of treasures from our collective past, filled with tips and tricks and tales of woe and inspiration.

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Guy on 91800 Forums and Communities Joins RSN2

I thought I was busy! I got a signup request today from someone who has an over-ten-characters-long-double-name-with-no-spaces signup name recognized on Google 91800 times (email me if you're curious). It appears the vast majority of these are forum and community site membership login names.

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How I Lost Two Afternoons Happily: Georgia Aquarium and Web Cam

Well I held on the my sign of the beast 666 skateylove ranking long enough. It's time to let it go. What better way than to lose myself under water, sort of. An aquarium within a zoo. I'll explain.

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On the way to Epiphany

OK it's a bit late or a bit early, so let's say a bit early.

I'm making my resolutions (but I do that year-round to little effect it is true) and feeling those epiphanies and all that. I've been talking about this for some time and now seems like a good time to review and restate.

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