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ESPN360.com World Cup, Stoppage, and Instant Replay

Just when it seemed hopeless to hear an English language broadcast of the World Cup, I heard a mention on ABC of their other network's website's coverage on http://espn360.com. I had been watching the coverage on Univision and on http://fifaworldcup.com but honestly I can barely catch a word from the Spanish language broadcast. Yes I am ashamed of this lack of language skills, having variously taken French (high school), German (undergrad) and Spanish (an elective during grad school). Whatever skills I do have and have developed, these are not really among those.

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How to Use Tag Clouds and Search Boxes

You may notice on the sidebars there are some topics whose text size has grown quite a bit. These are in the "tags in..." sections, called "tag clouds."

[Update July 9, 2006: If you've clicked these tag links before, please try them again. I have finally found the errant code that was conflicting with tag clouds working as they should. You should now see only one copy of each article tagged with that tag, instead of multiples. I recjoice at this repair, even though there is still work to do to track and repair the problem with a long term happy solution. Remember also the difference between clicking tags and searching. Both are great ways of finding information, but they produce different results.]

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A New Roadskater.net

Welcome to Roadskater.net, "the skating, cycling and charity magazine you can create!" Please click stuff! See what happens! Check out http://roadskater.net/index.php?q=start-here-how-to-use-roadskater-net. Read all you like, but to contribute, we ask you to join first to help foil junkbots. And don't worry, the 15,000+ photos and movies from http://roadskater.net/index.htm are still there waiting. Skateylove Yes! Blake

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