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Some New Roadskater.net Website Stuff

So I've been busy working on some background stuff for Roadskater.net and I thought Solstice was a good time to unveil some of it. This is just a perhaps brief update. 

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Indie bookstore opens in Glenwood neighborhood in "city of writers" Greensboro NC

A story in today's local paper details a new independent literary bookstore that has just opened in the resurgent Glenwood neighborhood of our fair city.

Pretty good reading. I'll have to pay a visit sometime.

That will change Saturday, with the opening of the city’s first independent bookstore in six years, Glenwood Community Book Shop.


Glenwood Community Book Shop
1206 Grove Street
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 3' 12.2688" N, 79° 48' 43.0884" W
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A Skate as a Child's Weapon; Volunteering as Abandonment

I found a nice piece of writing today, oddly enough, because it mentions a child using an inline skate as a weapon against other kids. I opened the article, An Island in Costa Rica, by Tara Swords, to see the full context: 

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Nice writing, Rollerblades as Emblem

I know my world. Well, sort of. I think (therefore I think I am) I know a very small portion of it.

One thing I love is to read a nice, clear, brief piece of writing that takes me just a bit into someone else's world, to the overlapping edge of theirs and mine, perhaps. If it's written with some balance, fairness, gentleness and love, so much the better. If it sees the frustrations but seeks peace with them, nice. If it catches the enormous spark kapow importance of a pair of skates, even though it's a passing mention, yeah! Thanks to Chloe Tse for a few nice minutes of reading. It's a different world from mine, and that's why I liked listening in at the next table (via the web) for a moment.

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Found Poetry in my Email

Kinda slow here lately posting-wise so... I've been keeping a file of odd phrases in spam emails when they caught my eye for a while. Together they made a little random poem. (No "poetry" tag for InlineCafe?)

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Ditty Bops finish 4500-mile bike tour

It looks like the bike-riding femmes have made it to Manhattan within view of the Brooklyn Bridge, or will soon. Thanks to Tim for pointing these ladies out some time back (use the search box to look 'em up). I don't know much about them, but it sounds like they like music and exercise enough to make it their life, which seems cool by me. Hope they have a successful and happy tour ending and beyond.

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