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Help How To Apache2 Server Access Log Lists Only IP Address (Every Line): Squid, Varnish or Other Reverse Proxy

Pulling through the trees of Ubuntu Server 8.10 (aka Intrepid Ibex), Memcache, Squid, Varnish, APC, PHP, Apache, MySQL and other LAMPmines, it's easy enough to miss a note here and there. One of those sour notes I hit continued unnoticed until I checked the server logs and every line began with, the local loopback address.

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Roadskubuntu 64 Out for a Spin on the Slow, Crowded Internet Onramp with a $215 AMD 64 X2 Vista 32 Ubuntu 64 Box

Well after many months of running on empty on an overused underpowered system, Roadskater.net is rolling on the same slow road to the internet highway but with a faster machine...a dual-core amd cpu (not blazing, just 2.2 GHz or so), lots of hard drive space, and 3 gig of DDR-2 800 RAM (waiting to go to 8G soon). I'm not sure if this kit is a bit overclocked but my memtest reports moving faster than claimed. Anyway this whole kit (3G RAM version) ended up at $215 pre-tax as a demo sale so cross thy fingerettes me skateys.


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