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Oscars for 2008 (81st) Nominations, Awards and Contest to Prove How We Are NOT the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Having missed my old workmate and friend, Tom's, Oscar Contest, but being movie mavens at least for a few weeks of the year, eebee and I devised our own scoring system and made up a liitle contest for ourselves. We had a private viewing and voting for the Oscars, and of course, made a public spreadsheet.Herein lies the story of the nominations, awards, our predictions and wishes, and the insignificant result. We would have failed, but we're OK with that.


Kodak Theater
6801 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90028
United States
Phone: (323) 308-6363
34° 6' 5.6304" N, 118° 20' 19.284" W
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Transformers Movie Spoofs Speed Skating Citroen C4 Ad

At my son's urging, we finally watched the Transformers movie last night. At about 1 hour 50 we were treated to Transformer 'Bumblebee' speed skating down a highway. This is the clip they showed on the Oscars, prompting me to yell "Hey! That robot just did a crossover!".


United States
53° 23' 54.3732" N, 1° 25' 28.6536" W
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Film Review: 2007 Foreign Language Films, The Counterfeiters plus The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, La Vie en Rose, 80th Oscars

Part of my brief sabbatical from the web and internet for a few days was due to immersion in the movies of 2007 prior to the Oscars. I know. That's exactly what they planned. I don't do this every year, and life often dictates otherwise, but this year the timing was right for a bit of a tech break and soul refurbishment before getting back to inner workings of websites and documents.


Oscar Awards at Kodak Theater
6801 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, California
United States
34° 6' 6.264" N, 118° 20' 24.6012" W
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